I'm studying abroad this summer for a little over a month. I'll be traveling various places in Europe. While I am a little nervous for some aspects, I am excited for this trip. It's a great opportunity that I wasn't sure I would have, but I'm glad I will be able to take this trip this summer.

1. Traveling & New Places


I love traveling and exploring new places. The environment of a new place is often much different than home. I'm excited to see all the different places and experience each one. I'm sure each city I travel to will be interesting and unique in its own ways. I can't wait for all the new experiences I'll get to have while I'm there.

2. The Food


Of course I'm excited to try new foods there. While I'm sure I'll miss some of my "normal" foods from home at times, I'm definitely interested in getting to try all different foods in each place.

3. Taking Photos


I'm definitely going to take a million photos while I'm studying abroad. One excuse for all the photos is that I can share my experiences of my time abroad. I'll also want to have photos for memories of my trip. My study abroad trip is also focusing on Photo Communications. My many photos will be a mixture of me exploring the new places, but also a ton of photos for my projects and portfolio.

4. Friends


I don't know many people going on the trip, but luckily I do know a couple of them a little bit. Because we're going on this study abroad trip, we've already been planning some extra things to do and places to visit. I'm sure over time, I'll make more friends in this group, and I'm excited to get to know more people and share this great experience with them.

There's definitely a lot of things that I'm excited for during my study abroad trip this summer, but these were just a few of the main ones. I'm excited for all the new places and experiences, and I'm very glad I am actually able to have this opportunity.