Everything You Need to Know to Vote in the Primaries on March 3rd
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Everything You Need to Know to Vote in the Primaries on March 3rd

Didn't get the chance to vote during early voting? Not sure who to vote for? Below are all the resources you need to be prepared to vote on Tuesday.

Everything You Need to Know to Vote in the Primaries on March 3rd

Tuesday, March 3rd, also known as Super Tuesday, is the day that fourteen states hold early voting contests to weigh in on who should receive the nominations for their political parties. After the Iowa, Nevada, South Carolina, and New Hampshire primaries, Super Tuesday is one of the most important dates before the November Elections. Never voted before? Don't know what you're doing? I have put together some resources to help you be your best on voting day.

Where to Vote

If you have not voted before, it can be intimidating the first time. Vote turnout for primaries are typically low, by comparison, but can still have long lines. During the primaries, there are many locations near you that will allow you to vote. Do your research in your local area to see what the requirements are. Here, in North Carolina, I was able to select from several close-by places. During the November elections, you likely will need to go to your assigned voting location. I recommend you do a quick Google search for your state for more information.

How to Get There

Polls are located in community areas - places like schools, recreational centers, and parks - and they are generally in central locations. If you cannot make it to a polling location for one reason or another, there are many accessibility services offering free or discounted rides to polls. Lyft is once again offering free rides to polling locations for this year's elections. Your school or workplace may also provide accessibility options to get to the polls. Be sure to ask.

What to Expect

The day you go vote, you might have to wait in line. Pack a snack and take a bottle of water, just in case. When I went to vote yesterday, I waited outside in the cold for an hour before making it inside. Be sure to plan accordingly.

It is pretty common to see quite a number of volunteers at your polling location, giving out pamphlets and information for their specific candidates. You might even see a few local candidates there! If you don't know about a certain candidate, be sure to ask questions and talk with them. They are acting as experts for that candidate, so they will be able to answer your questions on how and why that potential nominee deserves your vote.

Who to Vote For

The primaries are a time to weigh in on who you want to see nominated for the November elections. This year, the incumbent President Trump does not face much competition on the Republican side, but the Democratic nominee is highly contested for. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, you should still get out and exercise your right to vote. There will be more than only the presidential election to vote on. Depending on your state, you may have Senators, Congressmen, Governors, and even more down to the local county level.

You can look up a list of who you will see on your primary ballot, but what if you don't know who they are? Online tools like ISideWith and Ballotpedia have questionnaires that show you which of your candidates are most in line with your beliefs.

No matter where you are, it is your right to vote. No one can take that away from you. In our country, many elections come down to slim margins, so that makes your vote even more important.

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