Everything That We Hope To Find Out During A "Friends" Reunion
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Everything That We Hope To Find Out During A "Friends" Reunion

"We were on a break!"

Everything That We Hope To Find Out During A "Friends" Reunion

Recently, there was an announcement during the Television Critics Association Press Tour that there will be a television special airing in February including five out of six of your favorite characters from "Friends" (Matthew Perry will be unable to appear). Yes, it is okay to do a happy dance.

The special will be two hours long and will air in honor of director James Burrows, who just shot his 1,000th episode of television. (Burrows directed 15 episodes of "Friends.") Despite this not necessarily being a "Friends" reunion, after being left hanging for almost 12 years, there are a couple questions that all of the "Friends"fanatics are hoping to get answered.

Who is living in Monica’s apartment?

Monica’s apartment was a steal: a large apartment in Manhattan she had inherited from her grandmother. After each character leaves their keys behind and Monica and Chandler move out, we are eager to know who picked up where their legacy left off. More importantly, did they keep the picture frame over the peephole?

Did Ross and Rachel get a divorce?

On the show, Ross is notorious for getting divorced three times. Did he and Rachel ever get married (again)? Are they still together? While we are all still drying our happy tears from Rachel making it off the plane to Paris in time, we can’t help but wonder if Ross ever finally had a successful relationship or if Rachel ended up climbing out the bathroom window at this wedding too.

Did Joey ever get married?

When Monica and Chandler moved out to the suburbs to raise their twins, Joey was left feeling a little distraught at first. He was also the last one left in their apartment building and the only main character without a significant other at the show’s conclusion. In his spin-off show, "Joey," Joey takes off to California to further pursue his acting career. Did he ever become successful again after "Days of our Lives" ended? Or is he once again living in the “Joey Room” in Monica and Chandler’s house?

Did Phoebe ever have kids of her own?

When we left Phoebe, she had found a husband (Paul Rudd) and they were considering having kids after seeing Monica and Chandler’s twins. Did this happen? Did they start up a family band like they’d hoped? Did Smelly Cat ever become a hit?

Does Janice still pop up during important life events?

She showed up during Rachel’s baby delivery, Monica and Chandler’s trip to the fertility doctor, and Monica and Chandler buying their first house. Just when you start to forget about Janice, she pops in for an episode when you least expect it. Does she pop up during the twins' first day of preschool or on a family vacation? Will Ross and Rachel's daughter, Emma, and Janice’s son actually end up getting married? Is it possible that Janice ended up getting together with Joey, since he was the only male character that she hadn’t been with over the course of the show?

What have our favorite supporting characters been up to?

Does Gunther still obsess over Rachel while pouring coffee at Central Perk? Did Central Perk stay in business as the gang started to move away? Does Tag still work at Ralph Lauren? Did Erica ever have kids of her own and is she still a part of the twins' life? The questions and possibilities are endless.

The special is set to air on February 21st on NBC.

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