As daughters, we know and expect that our parents will tell us what to do. And with good reason because whether it be the books, boys, bras or anything that falls under the none-of-your-business category, parents typically give some solid advice. Little do they know that their little angels have some tricks up their sleeves as well...

1. You say "please" and "thank you" for what you get, but if you want something else, a little puppy-dog eyes will do the trick.

It works on other people, too.

2. Your dad's attitude about dating sucks, but at least you get to wear shirts like this when he buys them for you.

True story. Real shirt.

3. You know better than to start dating until you're at least 30. Boys are (usually) more grown-up by then.

4. You also know the truth is that boys never grow up. Your dad may be your hero, but he still has the sense of humor of a 12-year-old.

This was kind of disappointing at first, but now I'm like, I can roll with it.

5. As long as you act like a lady, you'll be treated like a lady.

And with all that charm, you can be super successful in a world run by men (Tip: The eyes always work).

6. You know that moms are beautiful and centered creatures, and that it's hard work for them to stay that way.

It helps to be warned for when it's your turn to carry the mom torch.

7. You're beautiful on the outside, but even more beautiful on the inside. Just look at those eyes!

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, who could resist this soul?

8. Everything you do is wonderful to your parents, and this will annoy you 50 percent of the time (how will you ever know if something you do is amazing for real?). But someday you will realize that they taught you the key to feeling beautiful is to be seen by people who recognize your unique beauty and gifts.

Mulan's got the best of both worlds: she's a star samurai and daddy's little girl.

9. Everyone is special, but no one is special the same way you are special.

OK, so maybe you're not an ice princess, but you're still pretty cool. Especially if you get my pun.

10. It's a big, mean world out there, but if you can find the right people to make your family, you can make it your oyster.

Get out there and find your pearls! I mean, girls!

11. You are so loved.

'Nuff said.