If You Get The Chance, Take A Communication Class In College

If You Get The Chance, Take A Communication Class In College

It has been one of my proudest moments in college.

Angeles Cuevas

I took my first communication class, completely on a limb, and simply for a general education requirement. However, I ended up with a communication minor and a love for something I never knew I had.

1. Everyone could use better communication skills


My first communication class was speech. Although, I am not a huge fan of public speaking, I had an amazing professor. She explained, in depth, the advantage of what good communication skills would do for you in the world. Once I was done with the class, my fear of public speaking lowered a bit and I learned new skills that I have slowly implemented into my job and my daily life.

2. Understand how different groups communicate


I recently took a class that explained to me the difference between communciation. It went into depth showing how different cultures around the world communicate and the impacts to communication like climate.

3. Gain more people skills


Odds are, your way of communication isn't the only one that exists in the world. You may speak the same language as someone, but that doesnt mean you speak the same message. Communication classes can show you a variety of different things to be able to conduct yourself properly in front of others who are not like you.

4. Expand your horizon


Language is not the only thing that divides people in commnication. If your body language or your nonverbal cues are off, everything becomes affected. However, if you take a communication class, you may learn a bit more of the proper etiquette for eating at the table in a different country or even a different state than you.

5. Gain problem-solving skills


Communication or lack thereof, has always been one of the roots of any form of relationship whether it be familial, platonic, romantic, etc. By taking a communication class you will be giving yourself the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the world. Which will therefore allow you to understand where the miscommunication took place and where things may have been taken out of context. This will allow you to solve problems before they escalate which is a very important asset in the world.

6. Everyone communicates


Whether it be gestures, writing, speaking, body language, etc. everyone in this world communicates in one way or another. Therefore, you will already be going into the classroom with a bit of knowledge on the concept of communication and its importance. You know that everyone communicates but dont you think its time to know how and why its important?

7. There is so MANY options


Communication classes have a very huge variety. They can include: Intercultural com, Interracial com, gender com, Non-profit organization, small group com, family com, public speaking, nonverbal com, persuasion, etc. The point is, you know what your interests are, and odds are their is a communication class somewhere out there for you.

The world may have had a point when they said communication is key. Are you ready to go unlock new worlds or are you going to limit yourself?

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