Ah, middle school. Everyone has been through it and everyone usually has not-so-fond memories of it. A huge staple of middle school is the dances. We will never forget!

1. There was rarely actual dancing.

We usually tended to just awkwardly shuffle our feet as we stood around with our friends, snacking on pizza, chips, and soda.

2. Group dances were the best.

When people did dance, it tended to be to songs such as the "Cha-Cha Slide" or "Gangnam Style." Oh boy.

3. Having a date mattered way more than it should've.

We were literally 12 years old. Why did it seem so important? Almost all of us were so desperate to find a person to ask to the dance, knowing but not admitting that we'd probably never talk to them again afterwards.

4. Dresses and suits, who?

Unless it was a formal or semi-formal dance, everyone showed up in a somewhat-nicer-than-usual shirt and jeans. Maybe dressy shoes and jewelry/accessories.

5. High schoolers weren't allowed, until they were.

Most of the time, you were only allowed to bring other middle-schoolers. Eventually, though, the rules changed. With a parent-and-principal-signed permission slip, of course!

6. Big Brother is watching you.

And by Big Brother, I mean the chaperones. Most of them were teachers and/or parents. Is that why everyone was so awkward?

7. Either slow-dancing a foot apart or grinding. No in between.

I never went to any middle school dances with a "romantic" date, and looking back, I'm very glad. Couples would either leave too much room for Jesus, or not enough. Meanwhile, I was so shy that I felt awkward even during the aforementioned group dances, so asking a girl to slow-dance was out of the question for me.

8. Boyfriend/girlfriend drama!

Another thing I'm glad to have avoided. Many people would get into arguments and fight over who could take who to the dance. Friendships would "end" over this, usually until the couple broke up. Again, we were all like 12 years old!