Why Everyone Needs to Make Playlists
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Why Everyone Needs to Make Playlists

"I have a playlist for that."

Why Everyone Needs to Make Playlists
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If you haven't heard, Drake recently released his playlist called "More Life" in March. A lot of people have been wondering why Drake decided to call it a playlist instead of an album. After giving "More Life" a listen, it made me appreciate the dozens of Spotify playlists that I have.

I love the playlists I've created because music means so much to me. It tugs on every emotion I feel, gets me through tough times and makes the happy times more memorable. Music makes me realize so many things that I didn't know I was capable of thinking. Being able to organize music in whatever way I want is so cool to me.

Thinking back on when I first started making playlists after getting a Spotify Premium account, I realized how beneficial it has been for me. Not only can making playlists be therapeutic at times, but you can have tunes for every occasion and mood.

If you are new to making playlists, here are some reasons as to why you might want to start creating some.

1. There is no limit to the number of playlists you can create.

On my Spotify account, I currently have 32 playlists. You may think that's a lot, but I use them all for different times in my life. I have a workout playlist with bass bumbing DMX and Gucci Mane songs, I have a getting ready playlist with confident songs by Beyonce and Christina Aguleria and I make playlists for every season. For me, it's necessary to have a playlist for specific times. Therefore, there is no limit to the number of playlists one can have.

2. To have music to match and/or enhance my mood

Sometimes I'll be having a great day and I'll just feel like listening to songs to enhance that happy feeling. I have a playlist for that, and I'm not the only one. Deanna Amaker and I both have playlists to match and enhance every mood. You can create a playlist that turns on the water works for a bit and another playlist to pull yourself together. It might sound weird, but hey, you might need it at one point in your life.

3. To listen to music that takes me back to good memories

Everyone feels nostalgic at times. Guess what: I have a playlist for that, too. Sometimes you're just in the mood to hear throwback songs. It is so much easier to create a playlist to have all of your favorite throwback songs in one place instead of having to continuously search for song after song.

4. To listen to a few of my favorites at the time

Just like the ease of having your favorite throwbacks in one place, you can create a place with all of your new favorite songs, too. One of the most exciting things about the music world is when new music is released and it is straight flames. You can create a playlist for all those hot jams. Alanna White has playlists with new songs that she likes to be able to find them easily.

5. To fit a special occasion

Birthday party? Holiday party? Family reunion? Baby shower? Literally any occasion? Make a playlist! For New Year's Eve, I made a playlist that was about six hours in length and had top hits from 2016. You would be surprised with the number of songs you can come up to fit the mood of the occasion.

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