8 Reasons Everyone Needs A Hydro Flask

8 Reasons Everyone Needs A Hydro Flask

Say goodbye to your Camelbak.

It's the water bottle you see everywhere. (AKA - ultimate college water bottle). But it's more than just a trend. In fact, just because everyone has one doesn't mean it has to be trendy, but practical. I bought my first one in 2014 after seeing my lacrosse coach carry it around and swear her life on it. Needless to say, I have never used any other brand since. You too, will be tempted to buy one after reading these eight reasons why!

1. It comes in a rainbow of colors...

The first step in purchasing: choosing the right color. If you're anything like me and indecisive, this will be the hardest step. But who's complaining?! More colors for everyone! Choose the best color for you and your personality. (And if you're feeling really outside the box, you can customize your own!)

2. ...And sizes.

Depending on what you use your reusable water bottles for, the Hydro Flask has options for water, coffee, beer/wine, and tumblers! Sizes can range from 12 oz to 64 spankin' oz! You will never be without anything to drink.

3. Your ice doesn't melt.

According to the company, your drink stays cold for 24 hours. However, if you are still skeptical, I left my water bottle out on the blazing turf field during lacrosse practice for two hours. The water bottle itself was burning hot to touch, but the ice cubes were just as I left them! Magic.

4. Hot drinks stay hot.

It's getting cold. The last thing you want is to drink cold hot chocolate. (Does that mean it's just chocolate milk?). Bottom line is, your biggest problem will be trying to not burn your tongue on the beverage you poured in 2 hours ago.

5. One water bottle, multiple lids.

Forget buying multiple kinds of water bottles. If you're feeling a sippy-cup vibe, there's a cap for that! Do you like flipping your caps? Because you can get a flippy cap for easy access to your coffee. But if you're a simple screw-on and screw-off kind of guy/gal, Hydro Flask has your back. Also, a lot of the lids have handles to hold your water bottle. Think about that for a second.

6. Redbubble stickers.

Ah yes, your stickers. They will stay on! And they will look so good against a solid background color. No more see-through water bottles. Personalize your water bottle with stickers and make it a one of a kind. Your Hydro Flask will proudly wear it around without any peeling after washing!

7. It's not plastic.

Not only are you not jeopardizing the planet, but you're protecting yourself from BPA! Even if your plastic water bottle is BPA-free now, no one likes the odd taste of warm water coming from a plastic container. There's something about it that stainless steel that not only makes it easy to clean, but makes your drink taste the way they are. (And there's no odor!)

8. One word: Indestructible.

Since it's so portable, you'd obviously bring it around with you. But that also means there are more chances of dropping the water bottle, too. Unlike plastic, my water bottle has not split open or have cracks. But this water bottle will never break on you. (This is coming from a person who's water bottle flew out of my hand and bounced on the pavement and only left with a small dent!)

So now, with all that being said, which color did you have in mind?

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To Bagels, The Carb-Filled Love Of My Life

I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to you because if I have the choice, I'll choose you for breakfast nine times out of ten.

Dear bagels,

You are the carb-filled, delicious breakfast love of my life.

Every morning, I have some variation of you for breakfast; typically, I have asiago, everything, or plain, but every flavor of you is good. You're even better with plenty of cream cheese on top or peanut butter if I'm trying to be "healthy."

Your versatility inspires me. You can be used to create a variety of sandwiches: egg, sausage, turkey, ham. The possibilities are endless. You can even be used to make other snack items, such as pizza bagels. Just think; you're so awesome that you inspired producers to make foods including you, like Bagel Bites. You are truly an inspiration to us all, and I can only hope to be half as successful as you are.

You are always amazing and wonderful; I don't think I've ever had a bad bagel in my life, even when I accidentally put you in the toaster for too long. Your consistency of being a delicious breakfast each and every morning makes me happy; I like consistency in my life, so knowing that I can get a good bagel anywhere is delightful.

I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to you because if I have the choice, I'll choose you for breakfast nine times out of ten. Sure, I occasionally have other things like cereal or pancakes, but I'll always come crawling back to you.

Keep being the best breakfast out there, bagels. Keep being your beautiful, tasty self.


A self-proclaimed bagel addict and lover

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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