What do fine wine, cheese, and Frank Sinatra have in common? They all get better with age! Yeah, Ryan Gosling has pretty eyes and Channing Tatum great muscles, but these actors don't hold a candle to these Old-School Hollywood actors.

1. Marlon Brando

Looks best in: jeans and a wife beater

Enjoys: Making people offers they can't refuse, shooting craps

2. James Dean

Looks best in: red leather jackets

Enjoys: posing dramatically, car races

3. Vincent Price

Looks best in: a three piece suit

Enjoys: oiling his mustache, murdering his adulterous wife and her lover

4. Gene Kelly

Looks best in: a sailor suit

Enjoys: singing and dancing, whether it be in Europe or in the rain or with an animated mouse

5. Gregory Peck

Looks best in: black-framed glasses

Enjoys: driving mopeds, defending the underdog

6. Cary Grant

Looks best in: expensive suits

Enjoys: stealing jewels, outrunning biplanes

7. Clark Gable

Looks best in: a stylish hat

Enjoys: being a scoundrel, illegal poker games

8. Humphrey Bogart

Looks best in: a trench coat

Enjoys: steering an African steamboat, running a swanky night club

9. Henry Fonda

Looks best in: overalls

Enjoys: picking peaches, reasonable doubt

10. Anthony Perkins

Looks best in: his mother's clothing

Enjoys: taxidermy, a good sandwich

11. Paul Newman

Looks best in: a chambray shirt

Enjoys: running from the law, eating eggs

12. Clint Eastwood

Looks best in: is it wrong to say shirtless?

Enjoys: old cars, boxing, horseback riding

13. John Derek

Looks best in: a man skirt and copious amounts of bronzer

Enjoys: swinging in on a rope to save the day, long walks in the desert

14. James Stewart

Looks best in: his pajamas

Enjoys: spying on the neighbors, thwarting Old Man Potter

15. Charlton Heston

Looks best in: robes made from Levite cloth

Enjoys: befriending primates, freeing the Israelites

16. John Wayne

Looks best in: a cowboy hat

Enjoys: bringing outlaws to justice, target practice

17. Errol Flynn

Looks best in: green tights

Enjoys: leading men into battle, robbing the 1%