21 Everyday Victories Women Cherish But Men Won't Understand
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21 Little Moments That Make Women Feel Like A Boss, But Men Won't Understand

It's the little things that count.

21 Little Moments That Make Women Feel Like A Boss, But Men Won't Understand

With the hustle and bustle world we live in, it can be hard to slow down and appreciate life's little moments. There are things that all genders can universally enjoy, like a nice sunny day or a particularly good cheesecake. But, there are some good moments that could make a woman's day better that men just don't understand. It's no secret that women are awesome and kick butt, so we deserve some of these moments, even if we don't recognize it. It's these little things that can make an average day just a little bit more spectacular.

1. When you find an article of clothing that has actual functioning pockets

We've all had encounters with the faux pocket: that seam that looks like it'll lead down into a spacious pocket only to discover it's about a millimeter deep and could barely hold a thread. So, it's incredibly exciting when your pants/skirt have a real pocket.

2. Drawing up your long skirt or dress so you don’t trip when you walk

There's just something so feminine about clutching your skirt when you walk. It can be a nuisance if you want your hands for other things though.

3. That moment when your long skirt or dress drags behind you on the stairs

When this happens, I instantly feel like I am a queen gliding down the grand staircase to meet my guests at the royal ball.

4. Twirling around in a skirt or dress and feeling the fabric billow around you

It's especially magical when you do it outside barefoot in the grass. It's such a music video moment.

5. When you walk into the breeze so your hair blows behind you

A universally iconic feminine moment that makes you feel so Hollywood-esque.

6. The satisfying sound of high heels clicking on a hard floor

I feel like such a boss when my shoes make the click sound. It's good enough to be a ringtone.

7. Wearing red lipstick on any occasion

A girl becomes a woman when she wears a pretty red lipstick that takes her makeup from wow to ~WoW~.

8. When you do your makeup so that it perfectly coordinates with your outfit

Wearing a maroon shirt automatically means that a dark lipstick is in order.

9. When your mani/pedi coordinates with your outfit

It's a happy day when you realize that you unintentionally matched your shirt and your mani.

10. Finding a two piece bathing suit that both pieces actually fit

Do clothing companies actually believe that a woman who fits into a size small top will also fit into the size small bottom? They must realize that bustiness and curves exist. Anymore, all the sizes are sold individually so you can pick and choose what you need, but it's annoying when they're sold together.

11. When your underwear and bra match

Splurging on a lacy bra does NOT mean you also need the matching underwear, but it is rather enjoyable to wear them together. It's possibly better when you realize your bra and underwear are not a part of the same set but look good together.

12. When you find a bra that is actually comfortable to wear

Every woman knows that bra shopping is the WORST kind of shopping, so when you find a bra style that actually feels good, you buy about a dozen and wear it for life.

13. Putting together that one WOW outfit

Ever have some pieces in your wardrobe that aren't the same brand or even from the same store, but look like they were made for each other? It also becomes your go-to confidence outfit.

14. Having a good hair day

It's an event so noteworthy its practically worth writing down in your calendar and celebrating its anniversaries. It's also just convenient when you don't have to try too hard to get your hair to look good.

15. When you spend a whole day in sweatpants eating ice cream and watching movies

It may not be "productive," but sometimes you just need to watch "Pretty Woman" and "Sweet Home Alabama" while shoving cookie dough ice cream in your face.

16. Pulling on that one pair of jeans that completely transforms your body

Most women have multiple pairs of jeans, but we all have that one pair that looks SO good.

17. Walking out of the hair salon with a new hairstyle and reborn confidence

"I can do anything now that my hair looks amazing!"

18. Opening a new eyeshadow and admiring the perfect unmarred surface

It's nearly as good as a new peanut butter jar: you know you'll have to ruin it but almost don't want to.

19. When you shave your legs and don’t cut yourself

When you shave, you either cut yourself in five obscure places or you don't cut yourself at all. There's no in-between.

20. The blissful feeling of freshly shaved legs on your clean bed sheets

When the stars align and these two events come together, it's actual heaven.

21. Finding a purse that has a million pockets for all of your stuff

Clutches are cute, but not practical. Give me a handbag that has more pockets than stuff to put in them.

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