Millennials And Gen. Z Are Making "Everybody Cheats" A New Norm

Recently, I have seen so many relationships crumble because of a cheating scandal. So often we see what we believe to be the perfect relationship fall into the trap of infidelity. My question to those couples is that if you are so unhappy in your relationship, why not end it before adding another person into the mix?

Many of my friends along with myself have gone through a cheating breakup. We always question why it is always great people getting hurt in the end. Why can't significant others appreciate what they have right in front of them? Why does it always take an experience with someone else to remind them of how good they have it? Why is one person just never enough? As I thought about this more, it seemed to be more of a trend for those in the current generations.

Millennials and Generation Z are consumed with social media. Guess what's happening all over social media right now: Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson cheating scandal with Jordyn Woods. Popularizing terms like "side piece" and "friends with benefits" makes some of this generation want to fit into those trends and start having relationships involving those terms. Artists like Beyonce and Taylor Swift writing catchy songs about "Becky with the good hair" or every time their relationship falls apart because you thought they were different this time. They are the original creators of the breakup playlist.

Cheating is now a glorified thing to do in today's society. We see news like this and follow the trend and think that it's okay. I'm sure, while cheaters are involved in the act, they do not see it as wrong because the last thing on their mind is their boyfriend/girlfriend. It might be a thrill rush or exciting experience at the moment, but it is going to end up hurting someone else. The repercussion of this is then usually a long and drawn out ordeal. Look back at the Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson example, you still hear news about this scandal weeks after it has happened. Family members have stopped following Thompson and Woods.

Cheating affects everyone, not just the two in the relationship. Their families are hit too. They must cut ties and relationships they have made with their son or daughter's significant other because of the mistake their child has made. Sometimes those lost relationships are harder than the one with the significant other. You have spent just as much time with them as your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Cheating is not a topic or an action that should be as prominent as it is today. We should be respecting relationships we have with one another and working hard to maintain them. If things seem to not be working out there is no sense in staying in that relationship anymore. That means ending it not searching for a new mate while still in your mess of a relationship. Respect yourself and the other person in that relationship by defusing an old and starting new and fresh with someone else.

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