9 Emotions Every Student Feels About Taking Summer Classes

9 Emotions Every Student Feels About Taking Summer Classes

Who even thought that summer classes were a good idea, anyway?


There are two words that can make every student cringe: summer classes. While they can be beneficial, summer classes are not something a student looks forward to taking if they have to. Here are 10 gifs to explain how every student feels about their summer classes.

1. When your alarm goes off in the morning for your class.

2. When you finally get out of bed and start getting ready.

3. Realizing that you laid in bed too long so now you're going to be late to your class.

4. Trying to make it to class on time so you don't miss out on those much needed attendance points.

5. When you get to class and see all the other students who will be suffering with you this summer.

6. Sitting through your class, trying to stay awake/pay attention.

7. When it's almost time for your class to end.

8. How you feel when your class ends and you walk out of the classroom.

9. Until you realize that you have to come back the next day...and for the rest of the summer.

Happy summer, and to all the students who will be sitting through a summer class like me this summer, I feel your pain.

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