Fortnite is taking over by storm. It seems like every girl on Twitter is pissed that her boyfriend is playing Fortnite instead of texting her back, but why not join him in this endeavor? Girls can play Fortnite too, so why bash on it when you can load up and join?

If you’re a girl who hasn’t hopped on the launch bus yet, here are ten quick tips & tricks on how to get started.

1. You’ll need a coach

At first, Fortnite is going to be a tad confusing. You’re going to need to build stuff, and know how to kill (it’s harder than it sounds). Having someone who knows the game will benefit you greatly, and you’ll be able to get inside tips instead of just trying to figure it out. It also doesn’t hurt if your coach is a cutie.

2. Your first kill is the best feeling

I know it doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but it is. You will be changed. It is probably one of the best feelings when you get that first kill, and you will probably celebrate like you never have before.

3. Top 10

The first time I made the top 10 I felt better than I do when I get an A on an essay. It’s like making it through hell and coming out unscathed. Ya, try it. I’m telling you. It’s a rush.

4. Beating the storm

I have never wanted to be inside a circle as bad as I want to be in the circle when the storm comes. I sprinted like there was no tomorrow, and don’t think I’ve ever run that fast in my life. No, I haven’t.

5.Opening the chests

The first time I saw that chest lit up, I was instantly intrigued. Not sure exactly what was in there, I opened it and I felt like I struck gold. You will come across multiple things in one location, and it’s truly rewarding.

6.The perfect landing

More than likely, you will not have a perfect first landing. A big tip when landing is to not jump off in the beginning when everyone else is. Wait to go a little further so you don’t have to worry about killing people right away. It will benefit you in the long run.

7. Practice, practice, practice

It’s going to take some time to get the hang of the controls on Fortnite. The best thing you can do is practice as much as possible. I’ve definitely put some good play time invested in Fortnite, and I have seen a major improvement from when I first started.

8.Don’t be intimidated

More than likely you’ll be playing with dudes. More than likely they’ll be better than you (at first). Don’t be discouraged, but use this as a learning opportunity. Let them be cocky. You may end up showing them up in due time.

9.Give it a shot

Don’t be that annoying girl who just bad mouths the game without giving it a try. Play it for a little. See if you like it. Worst case scenario you die in the game and decide you don’t like it. But hey, at least you tried.

10. Brownie points

Just saying, a girl who bashes on her man for playing Fortnite is lame. A girl who plays Fortnite with her man? Now that’s a keeper.