Every Fordham Easter Egg On Netflix
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Every Fordham Easter Egg On Netflix

If you know, you know.

Every Fordham Easter Egg On Netflix
Maggie Rosenblatt

Fordham's campuses are the set for filming a lot of the time. The beginning of fall, the first snowfall and the beginning of spring you can always expect to see a film crew on campus and maybe even a celebrity if you're lucky (Hi, J-Lo). If you don't go here, you'd never know. Half the time television shows pretend it's somewhere else in the show by covering signs or redecorating the exterior of buildings. Here are all the places Fordham makes an appearance in a Netflix show just in case you missed it! Thanks to Netflix for all of the shout outs, we love you back!


This is one of the more subtle Fordham appearances in a Netflix show. Maniac uses Fordham's Caldwell Campus in Westchester for a piece of the show. The campus' main building serves as a mental hospital in the show.

Big Mouth

During an episode of Big Mouth, Coach Steve name drops us. Needless to say, he definitely does not have a Fordham degree.

Madam Secretary

"Georgetown" in Madame Secretary is really Fordham's campus. Henry McCord's classroom is in Duane Hall and so are some of the offices used in the show. They also use the fountain between Dealy and Hughes as well as the path around Eddie's for scenery.


Gotham transformed a lot of Fordham's campus for use in their show. Keating is shown here, however, they also transformed McGinley and the Lombardi center for a few scenes.

Russian Doll

Apparently Mike's ex-wife has tenure at Fordham! I wonder what she teaches.

I'm convinced that someone at Netflix has a Fordham connection, nearly every Netflix original has filmed on a Fordham campus or name-dropped us! Either that or they just know how much we love Netflix. Nothing like hearing the name of your University in to remind you to stop procrastinating.

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