Getting ice cream as a kid, I always thought those girls behind the counter had the coolest job. They got to spend their summers serving ice cream, and who wouldn't want to do that? Sure, scooping ice cream can be fun. I met some of my closest friends working at an ice cream shop. Plus, you can make great tips, get to know a lot of regulars and make some people really happy when you hand them their favorite flavor. But if you've ever worked behind the counter, you know these 21 daily struggles all too well.

1. Every night you tell yourself you won't eat any ice cream, but you end up eating five different kinds and don't regret your decision at all.

2. Your arms are always completely covered in ice cream.

3. Constantly asking people if they want a cup or a cone and waiting as they take their time to choose.

4. You give them a cone for their three scoops of ice cream with sprinkles knowing it will end badly, and sure enough it does.

5. Listening to customers lecture you on how sprinkles mean rainbow and jimmies mean chocolate even though you know people use them interchangeably.

6. Still scooping ice cream even though you closed 20 minutes ago.

7. Having to scoop a large cone from a tub of ice cream that is practically still frozen.

8. You're just about to hand out a cone when the ice cream scoop falls off and you hope the line of people didn't notice.

9. Dipping your cone in rainbow sprinkles when they wanted chocolate.

10. At the end of a weekend you run out of a bunch of flavors, and of course every customer you have tries to order one of them.

11. Filling the soft serve machine and spilling some all over yourself.

12. Your work shirts smell like old milk.

13. Grabbing a sugar cone out of the box only to drop it on the floor.

14. Walking to the freezer to scoop someone's ice cream and totally forgetting the flavor they wanted.

15. Thinking this job would make you hate ice cream yet somehow you like ice cream even more now.

16. You scoop a whole baseball team's order and get no tip.

17. Going to hand out a cone through the window only to realize when the cone hits the glass that the window is still closed and now you look like an idiot in front of all the people in line.

18. You wonder how so many people don't know that soft serve can't go in a sugar cone.

19. You make a banana split and forget to put the banana in.

20. You go back to your pad to make the next sundae, and you can't even read your own handwriting.

21. When you get an order of all milkshakes.