10 Things Every College Student Needs To Survive Winter
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10 Things Every College Student Needs To Survive Winter

10 Things Every College Student Needs To Survive Winter
Hope Ann Flores

It's finally that time of year where it drops to -10 degrees overnight. Yes, Winter is here which means it's time to put on your favorite parka and endure the freezing 20-minute walk to class. Of course every college student needs some essential to surviving winter. Here are my top ten things every college student needs to survive the harsh winter cold!

1. This is obvious... but a big puffy winter coat

My favorite winter coat is a grey long parka from Macy's that I got a few years back. It has been my go-to coat for so long and I could't live without it. I don't think it is made anymore so I found a style that's close to it online.

2. Winter boots

My favorite winter boots I've ever owned have got to be my new Sorrel Boots. Though expensive, I wear these everyday and they keep my feet so warm and are water proof!

3. Love Your Melon hat

My aunt got me this cute hater my birthday this past year and I have worn it close to everyday. 50% of the proceeds also go a child fighting cancer. I think more brands should have the mission that this company does.

4. Blanket jacket

When Urban Outfitters came out with a reversible blanket jacket I wanted it so bad. I could not however bring myself to spend $90 on a jacket. My friend Serena came over one day with a black and grey jacket from Amazon for only $36, obviously way cheaper than the Urban Outfitters jacket. I kid you not, my five friends bought the jacket at the same time in different colors. Mine is a tan reversible white jacket that I can wear pretty much anytime during the winter.

5. Cabin socks

I wear these socks everyday through winter! And the best part is they're usually by one get one free at Dicks Sporting Goods.

6. Face moisturizer

Normally I don't moisturize my skin everyday, but recently I have been putting on moisturizer twice a day to battle out the dry skin that winter can bring.

7. Chapstick/lip balm

I get a new Strawberry lip balm every year and it lasts throughout the entire year. This is hands-down my favorite lip balm ever.

8. A good book to read

Recently my favorite bookstore closed down and had a huge sale on books. Needless to say I spent way to much money on books. I picked up "A Man Called Ove" and have fallen in love with it!

9. A good TV show to watch every week

My roommates and I have been binge watching previous cycles of "Americas Next Top Model" on Hulu but were so excited when the show came back. We watch it every Tuesday at 8!

10. Tea and honey

My last essential has helped me battle the sickness that everyone gets around winter time. I'm currently sipping my very own tea and honey while writing this article to sooth my sore throat. It's a blessing!

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