Ah... November. What a month it is. Starbucks has brought back its winter drinks.

The leaves have almost completely off the trees. The smell of turkey looms in every supermarket and grocery store. Most importantly, the end of the semester is right around the corner, and everyone is relaxing because we have almost made it. However, in the words of Admiral Akbar:

The semester is not over. I repeat, the semester is not over. It might seem like it, but there is still a little over a month left that needs to be completed. As sad as it is, and believe me, I know, we still need to push. There are probably still tests you have to take in November, and even though it's tempting to just ignore all responsibilities and prepare for winter break, you will regret it if you do. More than likely, you also have homework that needs to be done or papers that need to be written. And let us not forget those finals still need to be taken.

The very mention of finals makes me cringe. as I'm sure it does to most of us. But usually, they don't come until early December. This makes November all the more worse. Sometimes either we, or professors, or both, get lazy throughout the semester and end up having to cram all the rest of the work that needs to get done at the end of it, which happens to be November. Plus, the anticipation of finals can sometimes be distracting. Especially if you are trying to get excited for Thanksgiving while simultaneously worrying about last minute work due for the semester AND preparing for finals, it can be a bit much.

Thanksgiving break comes at both a good and a bad time. The break itself is great, just like every break from school, but the timing of the break isn't so great. Obviously, spending quality time with family is the top priority during this break. Plus, who can ignore all the Black Friday deals and shopping opportunities? I know I can't, and I know you can't either. However, the prime time for a professor to make a paper due or give their final test before finals week right after a long break like the one for Thanksgiving. This means studying and preparing needs a priority as well, and even though it kills some of the fun that breaks bring to our lives, it will be well worth it in the end.