Evan Peters' 5 Best Roles On 'American Horror Story,'  Ranked
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5 Evan Peters Characters From 'American Horror Story' That Were So Good, They're Scary

Peters had played some of the most iconic TV villains of all.

5 Evan Peters Characters From 'American Horror Story' That Were So Good, They're Scary

"American Horror Story" has brought us many great seasons and characters. Everyone's favorite actor got his big break on this show. We got to see him play some of the most iconic TV villains of all.

In this article, we are going to count down his greatest "American Horror Story" characters of all time.

5. Rory Monahan, "Roanoke"

Rory was a conceited young man who was on the up and come to Hollywood. He was working with Brad Pitt during the duration of his time in this season. He was also a douche to his lovely wife. Thankfully, he was killed off early in the season, so we didn't have to bare through much of his cockiness

4. Kyle Spencer, "Coven"

Kyle was the light that needed to be shined on season three. He had some pretty nasty frat brothers, so he seemed a genuinely caring and charismatic guy, Sadly for him, Madison is assaulted by his frat brother and is killed in an accident she causes out of revenge. Zoe then brings him back to life but he's pretty much an ape at this point having to relearn how to become human again.

3. Kit Walker, "Asylum"

Kit's iconic love story is what lands him the number three spot. For some odd reason, Aliens had a very particular obsession with Kit. But that didn't stop him from showing Alama, Grace, Lana, and Jude that he has their back. Kit was a ladies' man.

2. Mr. March, "Hotel"

Mr. March built the Hotel Cortez with one thing in mind, a place for his obscene hobby. (Which happened to be murdering and torturing people with no purpose). Mr. March was a very dedicated man for every objection in his life. He made sure all his guest had an unforgettable stay, his permanent guests had a purpose and his everlasting lust for the countess was uncanny and witty. He was also pretty damn handsome in his suites if you asked me.

1. Tate Langdon, "Murder House"

Tate is the first character to be played by Evan Peters. Tate is based on the Columbine shooters. He shot his fellow classmates and ended up dying in the Murder House. He is a very dedicated teenager to all the obstacles he has faced while being a ghost in the murder house. Between his killing fellow housemates, and making sure some of them were protected, He is an overall passionate guy. His undying love for violet deserves a page of his own. Sadly after she learns he raped her mom she banishes him from seeing her at the end of murder house. Luckily for viewers the brought him back in season eight, "Apocaplyse." During this season we finally get to see them end up together thanks to him saving her mother with the help of Madison from season three, "Coven." His passion for violet in this role is what earned him his number what spot.

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