A story of God's love winning over brokenness

This piece is told from the perspective of my dear friend from Ethiopia, Eyob. Though he witnesses a crumbling society, he amazes me because he also sees the beauty in the world. I am forever in awe at his unwavering faith and happiness despite his troubles and obstacles.


My life was and is difficult. I grew up as an orphan in Ethiopia. I've seen and experience many hardships most people have not. My faith with God waivered during these times. I often questioned God and asked him why he would take my parents from me.

As I grew older, I began to realize how blessed my life was. God gave me the people around me to support me morally, financially, and physically. These people direct me on the right path with Jesus by teaching me good life manners and advising me when I make mistakes.

I am often asked if I experience prejudice because I do not come from a wealthy family and do not have parents. In fact, many of my classmates do not know about my past. Even if they were to know, orphans and poverty among children and families is not unordinary. There is a boy at my college that I am close with. He is one of the few people to know about my parents and where I came from. He is known for being a rich student on campus. One day, he came to my dorm room and sobbed. He told me how empty and lost he felt, but he was confused why. He could have anything he wanted in just seconds, but he felt so alone. He asked me why I always seemed happy and fulfilled. I remember how nervous I was. I shook as I told him the reason for my happiness. It was simple. It was because of God. I did not push him to submit to a religion he was not accustomed to, but I told him of the peace I experienced because I gave my problems to God.

I have been through many hardships and I have witnessed many wrongs, but I have also experienced and seen the work of God. Without Him, I could not move forward. He makes me burn with passion and love for my beautifully broken country. I have many dreams that I plan to accomplish. And in achieving these dreams, I will continue to strengthen my relationship with Christ and show His light I everything I do.

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