With the last month of classes quickly approaching here are some helpful tips to get yours through it.

1. Starbucks, Starbuck, Starbucks 

The last month of classes is when you have papers due, tests, assignments left and right, and not to mention the dreaded finals quickly approaching. Starbucks, or your choice of coffee shops, will be your source of life giving you the much needed caffeine to survive!

2. Study Breaks

It is so easy to let yourself get stressed out thinking about the amount of work you have to do. If you allow yourself study breaks you will be so much more productive, it is all about time management.

3. A good nights sleep 

Studies have proven that if you get a goods night rest before a test that you will retain the material better and actually do better on the test. I 100% agree with this I have noticed that if I go to bed at a reasonable time the night before then I feel much better prepared then if I would have pulled an all nighter.

4. Make a To do list 

It is truly so important, make a to do list so you know exactly what you have to get done. It is easier to look and see then to sit there thinking what all do I need to do to be productive. Plus if you write it out you are less likely to forget what you you have to do then if you keep it in your head.

5. Get your priorities straight 

This one sounds so harsh, but if you need to get a bunch of stuff done why would you go out and party? Trust me there has been plenty of times that going out with my friends seems like a better option. FOMO is a real thing, I get it, but know about your school work and think about then when making a decision for what to do that night.

6. Avoid Netflix at all costs 

Lets face we all know "I will just want one episode" turns into a whole season real quick. Netflix is a black hole that sucks you in. No judgement I completely get it.