Best Uses For Essential Oils

Having never been a large fan of medicines, I recently have become a devout follower of the essential oil craze. Young Living oils can be used for physical and spiritual wellness as well as at home purification. I find them perfect to use in my stuffy college dorm as well as the perfect assistance to get me through stressful class-filled days. When it comes to common ailments or period pain oils have been my go-to.

1. Discomfort after exercising

Lemongrass and Panaway oil can be applied to the area experiencing discomfort before any physical activity to minimize any discomfort that may occur during exercise.

2. Period pain

Apply lavender oil to your lower abdomen to ease any discomfort as well as minimize blood flow.

3. Headache

Apply lavender or peppermint oil to the temples and forehead.

4. Trouble sleeping

Diffuse lavender oil or sprinkle some on your pillow.

5. Nausea or stomach pains

Inhale peppermint or mix with lotion and apply to the area giving you pain.

* * *

Having never really considered that essential oils could work for all of these ailments, I have been surprised to find that, in my experience, they do. When it comes to headaches and period pains or if I'm unable to fall asleep I reach for my oils before anything else. Young Living oils can also be used for reasons other than medical. Many of their oils can be used to clean, rather than using harsh chemicals. These oils have become a staple in my house as harsh chemicals aren't good to use around dogs or kids. The use of essential oils has furthered my trust in methods of alternative healing. Whether you're in need of relaxation, energization, or safe cleaning supplies, they are the perfect helper.

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