It's Time To Say GOODBYE To Black History Month
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It's Time To Say GOODBYE To Black History Month

Why this month of awareness is pointless.

It's Time To Say GOODBYE To Black History Month
Spenser H

It’s February: a month renown for celebrating a day of love, and a whole month dedicated to appreciate and celebrate the African American heroes who have left their precedence for generations to hopefully follow.

I should be happy, right?

Black people through all their long suffering gained one month in history where all of it is celebrated for the brave souls who spoke out against the injustices of the system. I should be thankful for Carter G. Woodson for creating this concept. and I should be thankful for Donald Trump changing “Black History Month” into “African American History Month."

Well surprise, surprise.

Let me be coherent: I love what the African American community has done in the past to make sure future generations had a more promising future than they did. In fact, if they didn’t fight, and if they didn’t shed the blood, sweat and tears, or even if they hadn’t died for this cause, we would most assuredly be in far worse conditions than they were during their times.

They saw what needed to be done, united and sacrificed their lives to assure that the change they sought was implemented. However, the issue is that we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of people who’ve affected the entire black condition for millions. We’re talking about inventors, historically black colleges, civil rights leaders, national leaders, authors, African Americans who led each other to freedom during slavery. Artists, actors, actresses, singers and seemingly average citizens who have all impacted Black lives forever.

Yet, we are given one month to appreciate these individuals, one month. Although Woodson probably created this month-long holiday with his best intentions, I don’t believe he thought this all through because after this month is over, people will treat us exactly as they have for centuries -- lower than dirt.

Also, if we’re going to celebrate Black History Month, we must address the idea that black people built America on their very backs. We can talk about Nat Turner and Harriet Tubman all day long, yet people will continuously circle around the idea that they were trying to set themselves and their people who were unrightfully kept as property, free.

Do I have to redefine slavery?

Black people were forced into captivity to help incapable hands build their entire country from the ground up while they were ordered with whips and chains in the sweltering heat. The only difference is that after they performed all the dirty work for these “colonists,” they put laws, procedures and declarations into place that prevented blacks, the only individuals that put this country economically on the map, from ever having a normal way of life. The least they could have done was provide blacks their reparations, but they knew that we had the resources, intelligence and physical abilities to overcome them.

So, they trapped us here, and prevented us from ever making “America” our home, or to rise up and over run their corrupt system, which still I might add, is not, and never will be created for blacks. Therefore, if we’re going to talk about the infamous Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Malcom X, Maya Angelou, etc. etc., let’s be prepared to also be ready to discuss America’s true origin story.

How are black people okay with this? It’s almost like putting a cap on our culture. To mush black excellence into one month is an insult, but for us to accept it is embarrassing and a mockery of our intelligence.

At this point in history, we are blatantly aware of our current condition. We are a generation conscious of what it means to be black in a world that seemingly hates us, so we don’t need a month to celebrate those who taught us how to love and lead each other out of misery. We do that every day.

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