Women As Art - Women And Equal Rights
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Women As Art - Women And Equal Rights

Womens' rights are human rights.

Women As Art - Women And Equal Rights

"Women of all ages, women of all races, women of all sizes, women of all classes... women of the world, we are one and united we rise..."

Nowadays, modeling and modern standards of what beauty really is are prevailing issues in our every-day lives. We see more bodies -specifically womens' bodies - being objectified. From this, art can be confused with ideas of women seen as merely objects. This is worrying because the idea evolves into a subliminal message that we receive everyday and leads us to subconsciously see a woman's body as a "thing."

Art can definitely be defined, observed, and interpreted in many forms...but seeing a human body as an object is completely disgraceful.

A human body is to be appreciated in its entirety. As humans, we ought to observe and respect art as a pure demonstration of sentient life. Likewise, when women are artistically represented, it shows beauty, diversity and appreciation for the woman's being. Yet the materialization of her body is something repugnant to both the subject of the art and the eye of the observer.

Learning to appreciate art and attributing it to the degradation of a human body opens our mind and permits us to be fully aware of this.

It can be sickening to witness the injustice towards women in these aspects. Objectifying a person is something that we should not deem morally acceptable in our advanced society.

"Togetherness and appreciation for one another is what maintains our civilization, a one standing race in the globe."

Women represent our hopes in the world. The world needs more women to be integral parts of all of the fields, opportunities, and careers available.

We need to be aware of the importance of equality. As understanding of equality as we may be, women are largely underappreciated. Women are paid less than man, even if they work harder and longer hours. To this day, females have not been recognized and our importance remains undermined.

Let's help to ensure that women be treated as equal beings in order to cease the objectification of their (our own) bodies. Let's finally and fully commit to be united for the same necessary and influential cause: the development of womens' rights.

We can all help this ideal to become reality by being aware ourselves and therefore speaking of opportunities to move the movement forward. Great actions involve, connect, unite, and fortify all women and men to the same revolutionary principle.

"For a woman bears the children, a woman raises a nation. For the woman feeds her child, the woman creates and builds the man."

As women, we are capable of the unattainable. The possibilities expand for those who don't limit their minds. We sure are no bound- creators because we believe in nations of equality and justice - countries that posses justice in their gender policies and legislations.

Art, power, equality, freedom, justice, strength, love: we represent these characteristics. It is time to further rationalize all perspectives in order to be more aware than we have ever been. Understanding that women are not simply objects, that both genders deserve freedom and equality is a step towards encouraging and attaining success in equality. Representing these values serves as an example for those populations in which women are mistreated and inferiorized.

Let's all aim to just take our step towards becoming united under the universal cause for humanity. We are all contributors to this crucial process of obtaining equality. The moment when women can finally enjoy equal rights, equal opportunities, exceed expectation and break more barriers than ever before will be the defining moment in which we know that men and women have accomplished what was once unimaginable.

-AA (11/12-13/16)


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