1. Electro Threads

Here’s how quickly electronic dance music has taken over the world. The jam scene has become more mainstream lately, too. More and more jam fests have late night DJ sets and a lot have a mix of both. Electro Threads is the perfect embodiment of this meld. The page brings rarity items you would only find at a show right to your fingertips.

2. Casually Explained

This anonymous, hilarious YouTuber takes hard to tackle situations and turns them into gold. Shortyawards.com says, “On its face, Casually Explained seems like it might be giving an honest appraisal of these topics, but it always devolves into subtle irony and self-deprecation.”

3. Shark Week

According to whenissharkweek.com, Shark Week's 30th anniversary starts July 22nd this year. If you don't have the time to catch it on TV, stay up to date on Facebook. And If you don’t like shark week, you can just close your browser and get out of here right now.

4. Jason Silva

Jason Silva is a great speaker. He posts new talks regularly, with ideas ranging from seeing the positive side of a break up, to using psychedelic drugs as aids in therapy. He's really interesting to watch, and the guy has the clout to back up his thoughts.

5. Anything NASA

There’s a crazy amount of certified NASA pages on Facebook, and they’re all great.

6. JamBase

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of EDM, but if you’re more looking for more of a relaxed vibe to get down to you should check out a jam show, stat. Come to think of it, if you’re looking for an EDM show you can find it here too. The site has added more and more genres lately, and they actually show you where their library started out versus where it is now-

JamBase’s Facebook page just provides updates, so I’m really talking about JamBase.com here. But you get the idea, JamBase is cool.

7. Polygon

If you’re into gaming, Polygon is worth checking out. Their coverage of the industry is fresh, smart, and funny. Polygon dabbles in covering other mediums for entertainment like YouTube and Netflix, but mostly focuses on gaming in general.

8. Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha is just a super positive, all around nice page to follow.

9. Science

If you want to stay updated, sans depressing news coverage, check out pages like science. These types of pages tend to be more educational, fact-driven, and less dramatic. Science is incredibly informative and just as interesting.

10. Fortnite

Fortnite is all the rage right now. Even if you’re not a fan of gaming, if you want some insight on how to promote a product you should probably check this page out.


This is an interesting time for marijuana. Since becoming legal in Colorado, six more states and Washington D.C. have also legalized it. Check out the spread of marijuana. Because of its popularity, weed is becoming a widely accepted part of life. Weediquette is like a mecca for all things marijuana. The television show’s Facebook page provides an educated look at pot and pot-culture with tons of interesting pieces from fraud in the legal weed world to $300,000 high end bongs.