Entrepreneur Keith Orie Shares How to Relax at Work (And Still Be Super-Productive)
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Entrepreneur Keith Orie Shares How to Relax at Work (And Still Be Super-Productive)

Do you struggle to get motivated? Productivity doesn't stem from stress and strain. Rather, it comes from relaxed openness.

Entrepreneur Keith Orie Shares How to Relax at Work (And Still Be Super-Productive)

Do you struggle to get motivated? Productivity doesn't stem from stress and strain. Rather, it comes from relaxed openness. Here, a successful entrepreneur Keith Orie explains why. He looks at four simple ways to relax at work and achieve superior results. Tips include the right way to focus and how to stay relaxed so your ingenuity, competence, and adeptness all increase.

Step away:

Step away from your work in a thoughtful manner. Go on a quick 15-minute walk to get your heart pumping and brain working. Go to a park, go grab a coffee. Anything you can do to step away from your work is going to allow you to relax and recharge. It's important that you do this within the time of your break -- so don't plan to go too far away. However, it is important to actually leave your office in order to reap the benefits effectively.


Take some time to talk with your co-workers and team members. Don't let this be an all-day affair, but carve out some time for socialization. This way, you can talk about any frustrations or things that are stressing you out, and bounce ideas off one another on how to solve these problems. You will also find yourself brainstorming and coming up with new ways to work which will increase your productivity during this relaxing time.


Meditation is a great tool for productivity. It can be done at your desk in as little as five minutes. Meditation will allow you to align yourself with your goals and priorities and will help you focus on your tasks while clearing any brain fog. You will come out of meditation relaxed and ready to get focused on your work. If this is unfamiliar territory, there are lots of free resources online that can teach you how to get started.

Make a Checklist:

If you're feeling overwhelmed, one of the best ways to calm yourself is a good old fashioned checklist. This will allow you to de-stress by writing down all of your tasks as you see them in writing -- and there's no better feeling than checking off tasks when you complete them. Instant stress relief!

Take it Outside:

If possible, take your work outside throughout the day. The change of scenery, birds chirping, and sunshine beating down will help you clear your mind and thoughts. You may enjoy being outside so much that you feel extra motivated to keep checking items off your checklist. One study even found that employees who work outside take about 15% fewer sick days per year.

Listen to Music:

Music is a great way to de-stress and get focused. In addition to boosting your productivity, music is also a great way to boost your creativity at work. Did you know that music has also been shown to decrease stress hormones that can harm our immune system?

Listen to a Podcast or TED Talk:

These are great ways to get motivated while allowing yourself to relax. There is an abundance of material out there, so try to sort through the options and find the ones that best relate to where you are at emotionally. If you're dealing with stress, search for a podcast that talks about how to de-stress, or look up a mentor or someone in your field that you admire and watch their TED Talk for the ultimate boost in motivation, and in turn, productivity.

Productivity and motivation go hand in hand. Once you master these tips, you'll be able to approach your work in a more relaxed, calm way. This will help you focus and get work done effectively without wasting energy on being stressed out. When you are more relaxed at work, you will see your productivity skyrocket.

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