6 Ways To Enjoy Summer After Surviving Finals Week In Florida
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Student Life

6 Ways To Enjoy Summer After Surviving Finals Week In Florida

Forget about finals and focus on vacation!

6 Ways To Enjoy Summer After Surviving Finals Week In Florida

Finals season is rough. The library is ridiculously overcrowded with students struggling to concentrate on memorizing physics formulae and chemistry molecule structures. Essays, ten pages or more, are pumped out by printers low on ink while study rooms are filled to capacity. In times like these, we need to remember: summer is coming. The one hope that unites us all is the feeling of relief when spring semester ends and summer begins. Here are a few ways you can capitalize on every sun-drenched, friend-filled moment:

1. The Beach – $

It may seem obvious, but it is the perfect place to go to de-stress. Vitamin D is overabundant among the cloudless skies in Florida. Road trip with your roomies to the East Coast and catch some waves or just soak up the sun! It’s tradition to mark the beginning of summer by going to the beach. Remember to bring a few bucks for parking.

2. CityWalk – $

Although it’s a good 45-minute drive from UCF, it is well worth it. Located just before the entrance to Universal, CityWalk hosts a multitude of unique restaurants and a movie theater. This is one of the few areas in Orlando surprisingly open past midnight. As night owl college youths, it is the perfect place to meet friends after work. CityWalk just got a new attraction: Voodoo Doughnuts. Yes, the same bakery featured on Food Network!

3. Escape Rooms – $$

There are three within five miles of UCF! American Escape Rooms is the closest followed by Escape Key. If you’ve never done an escape room before you haven’t lived life. Get a bunch of friends, usually eight per room, and work together to find and solve clues to escape. From zombie apocalypse to mad scientist, the themes of each chamber vary. It is a blast to see who in your group is good at solving riddles, finding hints, or connecting the dots before time runs out!

4. Winter Park Boat Tour – $$

Want to forget about last semester’s grades? Be a tourist for a day and relax as your ferry boat drifts downstream. Enjoy the verdant, floral scenery of historic Winter Park while traveling through canals and Florida waterways. It's only $14 per person.

5. Theme Parks – $$$

You are conveniently located in Orlando, the world’s hot spot for theme parks. Take advantage of your UCF discount, grab a ticket and go! Visit all four Disney parks with your roommates or see the magical world of Harry Potter at Universal. Discover the extraterrestrial cuisine of Animal Kingdom’s new Pandora attraction or sample authentic British fare in Diagon Alley. The options are endless, just have fun!

6. Register For Classes – Priceless

I know this is probably the most boring thing you will do over summer, but make sure to sign up for a summer class. Try to stay on track for graduation and focus on at least one course. If you don’t want to take a summer semester class, plan your schedule for fall. Order your textbooks ahead of time for the cheapest price.

Make this summer the best one yet!

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