Ending the Debate on Pineapple Pizza Once And For All

Ending the Debate on Pineapple Pizza Once And For All

Can't we all just be friends?

A mainstay on the classic Hawaiian-style pizza, pineapple has been under fire lately for its use as a topping. Though it is unknown how the debate started, it took the Internet by storm recently, with everyone taking a side. But the question still remains, do pineapples belong on pizza?

Though everyone is entitled to their own opinion on this, I say why does it matter what someone puts on top of their pizza. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to food, especially when it comes to pizza. I choose not to judge someone for their choice of pizza topping. Why must the Internet argue over something so stupid?

I personally like pizza with pineapple on it, and no amount of hate on the Internet is going to change that, and everyone should take that attitude. Don't let internet haters tell you what should or should not go on your pizza. You do whatever you want to. That doesn't just go for pineapple, that goes for any topping. If you want anchovies, get anchovies. If you want veggies, get veggies. Get whatever you want, and if someone does not like that, then too bad. That just means more pizza for you.

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10 Trendy Spots In NYC That’ll Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

You can thank me later.

As someone who uses Yelp religiously, I’m always the first one who most people turn to when looking for a place to eat that’s both aesthetically pleasing and absolutely delicious, and there’s no shortage of such spots in the Big Apple. The places I’ve listed below are ones that I frequent often, my tried and trues, and definitely deserve a post on your Instagram feed.

1. Mom’s Kitchen / Halsey’s Tavern

If you’re over the hype that surrounded Black Tap all of 2016, you can now get your artistically crafted milkshakes in Astoria, Queens in this the up and coming brunch spot, and for a cheaper price! And if you’re not feeling like swallowing an insane amount of sugar, their chicken and waffle plates are unbeatable and will leave you just as full and satisfied without the chance of diabetes.

2. Martha’s Bakery

You just can’t go wrong with Martha’s Bakery. A sweet little family-friendly establishment, the menu is assorted with various treats, including a variety of cheesecakes, pies, and cupcakes. Be sure to try the hot chocolate when you go, but be warned: you’ll be craving it all throughout the frigid cold winter months.

3. Wafels and Dinges

Originally noted for its unique food trucks spotted all over the streets of Manhattan, the establishment finally found a home on Avenue A in a cozy little cafe you won’t want to leave once you step inside. You have not lived until you’ve had the De Verdekke (which translates into “damn good”), a waffle sandwich with a scoop of vanilla ice cream that lives up to its name.

It might sound unusual, but once you have that first bite, you won’t stop eating until you’re left with nothing but crumbs and ice cream soup on your plate and an intense craving for more. If you only manage to visit one place on this list, let this one be it. Thank me later.

4. Spot Dessert Bar

Spot has blown up in the past year and for a good reason. With a menu assorted with seemingly odd plates (a cheesecake that comes in potted plant form??), the food is spiked with Asian fusion and interesting ingredients like Green Tea and Kobacha. It’s definitely an experience, and you can even take some macaroons on the go so you can get that final fix.

5. by CHLOE

Alright, so I may have cheated by putting this little Brooklyn treasure on the list, but can you blame me when they serve the coconut water in an immaculately-sculpted white coconut with CHLOE emblazoned on the front?

Besides that, the actual menu is scrumptious, and if you are craving something sweet, their cake pops are great for on-the-go satisfaction. Come for the coconuts, stay for the cute decor.

6. Max Brenner

This restaurant is a little more high-end and perfectly suited for a romantic date with whomever you choose to bring to this Manhattan beacon of culinary art. Absolutely everything on the menu is drizzled with chocolate, and if that’s not enough to sell you, there’s even a gift shop when you first enter that’s stocked full of chocolate bars and treats for any occasion.

7. Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

With a name like that, how can you resist visiting one of these little shops? Their ice cream is just the right amount of creamy and the myriad of toppings they offer is sure to satisfy. Be sure to pick up a punch card when you go – after your 10th purchase, you get a cone on the house!

8. Insomnia Cookies

There is no possible way one can live in New York City and have never heard of the best cookies to ever grace the streets of Manhattan. Originally made for college students cramming until the late hours, Insomnia cookies are available until 3 AM and are even made to deliver now, so you can crave that sweet tooth at all times.

My personal favorite is their famous cookie sandwich – yes, a ball of cold ice cream of your choosing, in perfect juxtaposition between two warm chewy cookies. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

9. Milk & Cream

If you’re a fan of unusual food, this is the spot for you. If Big Gay Ice Cream wasn’t doing it for you, try Milk & Cream – with all of its strange concoctions (ice cream made to taste like the milk mixed with cereal), there’s something for everyone here, and it’s definitely worth a try. Plus, the way they prepare it is just perfect for a spot on your VSCO feed.

10. DO Cookie Dough Confections

Cookie lovers rejoice! At last, you can finally consume raw cookie dough in all of its unfiltered, unbaked glory in various forms (in brownies, in ice cream form, or just plain RAW) without worrying about catching salmonella. However, enjoy with caution – it’s extremely rich, and might prove even too sweet for one to devour in one sitting. Savor wisely.

Cover Image Credit: @a.food.fetish

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11 Of The Most Annoying Things That Baristas Hear From Customers

No, I cannot give you three extra shots of "expresso" AFTER you already paid.

I was at work the other day, and naturally someone said #2. It was then that the lightbulb for this post went off. There are so many frustrating phrases and questions baristas hear on a daily basis. My fellow baristas will know this pain all too well. And if you're one of these horrid customers, now you know it's time to change your ways.

1. "Can I get another pump?" OR "Can I get an extra shot?" (after they’ve already paid)

You know you have to pay extra. Don't try and tell me you don't know that.

2. "Oh, hold on! I know I've got 43 cents. I really gotta get rid of all this change!”

3. "Expresso"

I can't even handle this one anymore.

4. “Is mocha the same thing as chocolate?”

5. “Do you have stevia packets?”

I don't know why this is asked so often. But no, we don't have any.

6. “Can I just get a cup of water?”

You don't see the huge pitcher next to plastic cups on the condiment counter? You waited in a long line just for that?

7. “Can I get coconut/soy/almond milk instead?” (after they’ve already paid)

Absolutely... not.

Actually most baristas will ending up just doing it because we don't have the stamina and energy to say no. We're dead inside, but that doesn't mean you should take advantage.

8. If you ever mishear someone’s name and write it wrong, they always feel the need to grab the cup, demand what you wrote, and roast you.

Okay, Attyson... spell your name normally, and we'll talk.

9. Barista: Do you want room for cream and sugar in your coffee?

Customer: No, I just want cream.

10. This isn’t a thing customers say, but the single most annoying thing any customer can do is stare at a barista while they’re making your drink.

You don’t need to lean over and get in our view. Our workspace is not where your head should be!

11. “Is that non-fat milk?” (as your steaming the milk for their drink)

There is definitely such a thing as backseat drink-making.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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