I have scrolled through thousands of pictures and hundreds of Avenger's memes to select these memes that made me laugh, cry, or both. We have to wait just a few weeks until we find out what really happens. In the meantime, enjoy the emotional roller coaster that these memes provide.

1. Step 1

captainmarvel_official_, Instagram

Make Thanos trust you.

2. Step 2


Defeat Thanos.

3. Skadush

l0k1_0d1ns0n, Instagram

Could this be the plot twist we've been waiting for?

4. Get help!

"I don't need my powers when I have Loki"

sebastian_stanstan, Instagram

"We are not doing 'get help'."

"But it works every time!"

5. Worth it

Yeah, sometimes that happens when you skip school

whats_one_fandom, Instagram

He just wanted to help.

6. She has no idea

I can usually take a joke... but not this one

thors_pop_tarts, Instagram

So did she survive...?

7. Ghosts have to adapt

im.with.thanos, Instagram

We're used to knocks and taps, the ghosts have to hit us where it hurts.

8. Oh no

Do you trust me?

endgame.supportgroup, Instagram

I hope they don't die. They deserve a nice life after dealing with Thanos.

9. More theories?

He knows something we don't

memes_of_the_marvel, Instagram

One of my friends actually came up with the theory that when Doctor Strange gave Thanos the time stone and saved Tony's life, he did so because he was following the course of the one way he saw that the Avengers win. So maybe there is hope.

10. I don't like this plan

11. But I'll give it a shot

It's showtime

jaidangraphics, Instagram

This isn't the ideal way to win but at least he has the will to act on it.

12. Okay, last one

13. I am Groot

I am Groot

marveldcclub0, Instagram

I am Groot. I am Groot. I am Groot.

Translation: I am the new Doctor Strange. This was painful, but soon there will be a forest of me. Thanos will not see this coming.

14.  A light meme

Truly annoying


Somehow you always get it down to one.

15. Uh

This is too much for me to handle

tomhollandmemes2019, Instagram

This is the best and worst edit.

16. Avengers Jigsaw


amazinspideynyc, Instagram

I guess you could try to bring back one of the fallen this way.

17. They've gone downhill

Half of their merchandise were erased also.

marvel.memepage, Instagram

Maybe Thanos also erased some things he didn't find useful.

18. Disaster

Half the population is gone... so that means half the insurance employees, probably.

marvel.memepage, Instagram

With the snap of very powerful fingers, the flood gates have opened.

19. The invisible man

How long have you been standing there?

marvel.memepage, Instagram

Drax is alive, he just can't be seen.

20. No one has parents?

I guess that's that.

thors_pop_tarts, Instagram

Everyone wants to meet someone's cool parents, but there is only one problem.

21. Sacrifices had to be made

You know what they say, an eye for an eye, a soul for a soul stone.

marvel.memepage, Instagram


22. Good one

Thor is just hungry!


Haha, nice one... wait.

23. It's a marketing tactic, duh

Get the audience attached, then kill their favorites.

thors_pop_tarts, Instagram

"Want your emotions tampered with? Do you feel like crying? No? Well, we're gonna do that and worse."

24. True

This is valid.

endgame.supportgroup, Instagram

I fear nothing... except the endless plot twists and deaths are to come in Endgame.

25. Get ready

Every marvel fan on April 26th.

_sad._.nerd_, Instagram

Get ready for the emotional roller coaster, we're running out of time to prepare!