We have seen heroes rise and fall, We have seen tech become man. We have witnessed gods amongst men, women achieve godly power, We have seen the power of the stones and that same power turn characters we have formed bonds with to dust. We have seen it all. 11 years of history just to have half of whom we love in the MCU ripped away from us. We stand with Peter Parker when we say that we don't feel so good(or fall with him too for that matter). There is one goal in our mind and one only; Thanos must pay!

From the very beginning, There was Iron Man. No one knew what was coming off his heroic future, we just lucked out to see a popular Marvel character finally appear on the big screen. We saw his complete turnaround from weapons creator to see how much his work affected the entire world.

We saw the Hulk slowly learn what he can do and even though his powers might seem to be scary and used for pure evil, they can also do a lot of good and help those in the world around him as well as being a scientist of course!

Bring in Thor, The God of Thunder! Thor slowly learned how to not be an arrogant bastard and we learned to love him more and more. (Not that we already didn't) You could probably call him the God of Charm as well because let's be honest, He may not be the smartest Avenger, or strongest Avenger as much as he would like to say that he is, but I don't know one person who saw him and didn't immediately go awe of his charisma. He and his brother Loki were lowkey (pun completely intended) the heart of the MCU.

Which brings us to see how Loki developed becoming not only a true villain in the MCU. He slowly started to become heroic, even if for selfish reasoning at times. After losing what he thought was his identity, to getting tossed around and learning that does not mean he has to sacrifice his himself for evil.

Then there's Cap. He taught us that even the puniest people can have the strongest heart... Then get injected with Super serum that turns them into a rock hard badass but no pressure! He has stood the tests of time as well as bringing many other heroes to the cause.

Let's not forget agents like Black Widow or Hawkeye who show us you don't have to be a Superpowered hero to be a superhero, sometimes you just need a little courage.

They have fought power-hungry warlords, aliens, and gods from far off in the galaxy. Robot tyrants and horrible civilians who let their power thirst rain heavily upon them. All for some purple alien named Thanos to RIP half of existence away. Not only this but this Is likely to be the final adventure of beloved heroes, including the ranks of Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man. These heroes that helped start the Avengers. Many tears will be shed during their final Marvel moments, that we only pray they can live on elsewhere.

Many will just be excited about a new film. Many will just be happy to see another villain bite the dust (pun completely intended). Many won't even stay after the credits in jaw-dropping angst waiting for even the smallest scenes. But not us. This is our legacy. This is the Endgame