End Of The Semester Motivation And Tips

Of course, the semester got chaotic like it always does, but now is not the time to let the craziness get the best of you.

Thanksgiving break comes at such an inconvenient time every year, right before all the big assignments are due.

We all tell ourselves we'll use the break to get work done on our assignments, get organized or get ahead, but that's usually not what ends up happening. We spend the short break we have with our friends and family, getting caught up on everything we've missed and enjoying our time together, as we should.

Now we're back to school and counting down the days until we can relax for real over winter break.

As finals are approaching use the nice break you just had to energize you to finish the semester strong!

Kick it into high gear so you can end the semester with the grades you want.

Here are some tips so you can make it to the finish line with as little stress as possible:

1. Make a schedule of what you need to get done

Everyone starts the semester strong with planner in hand, but by the end, we start to forget how important it is to write down what is due when.

Write down everything you need to do for the rest of the semester and then go day by day planning out what you're going to do when. Be realistic, and be smart, don't wait until the last minute and cram everything into one day.

This is not the time to compromise the quality of your work.

2. Study a little every day

As much as I try to get around this, studying a little every day and reviewing is the best way to fully retain the information. It's so easy to push things off to "tomorrow" again and again until it's finals week and you're on the verge of a breakdown.

Starting early and chunking the information into easier to learn sections will allow you to figure out what you know well and what you need to give more attention to.

So when finals come around you won't be overloading your brain with information that you haven't touched since the start of the semester.

3. Go to your professor's office hours

Going to your professor's office hours is one of the best things you can do for your grade.

Office hours allow you individual attention with your professor so you can clear up anything you aren't sure about.

Show face and build a relationship with your professor. This could give you an upper hand when it's time for him or her to round your final grade up or down.

4. Study groups

Try to form study groups with students in your class who are doing better than you.

If you're all studying together and you're confused about something it's always nice to have someone around that knows it well and can explain it to you.

Just be careful if you're studying with your friends that the study sess doesn't turn into a gossip sess!

5. Let it be known that you're focusing on your school work until further notice

You can celebrate after finals, but right now it's time to get to work to make sure you'll have something to celebrate.

Everyone wants to spend time together before the semester ends but if your grades can't afford to take a Taco's & Tequila break tell your friends that.

Let them know that you love them and you'd much rather be spending time with them, but right now you need to focus on you and ending the semester on a good note.

This is the home stretch, it's time to set up shop in club lib and get to work!

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