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7 End Of Semester Stress Relievers

Coming to the end of the semester is always the worst, do not let it cause you to go crazy with workload.

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Everybody has to deal with the most stressful time of the school year: the last month. This is when all of the professors decide to cram all the last minute projects, papers and assignments they need to get in before finals. If you are like me and do not deal with stress very well, try to follow these tips on getting through this time of year.

1. Avoid all caffeine and alcohol.

People always thought that caffeine helps them with their stress: this is wrong. It actually increases your stress amount and would make things worse for you. Instead of drinking caffeine or alcohol, you should eat healthy. Make sure to eat throughout the day, that means having all three meals and maybe a snack between lunch and dinner. Drinking water is the best thing to have with each meal so that you stay as hydrated as possible.

2. Try to be more physical.

Exercising can help you become more calm while you are stressed. It will help restore your body and let your mind become more calm when you are only focused on exercising. You are able to forget everything stressful for a while and then able to have a clearer mind when you are done.

3. Make sure to get plenty of sleep.

Being stressed could cause you to be laying awake with so many thoughts swirling around in your head. This could cause you to not be able to fall asleep very quickly, if a all, and you may get way less than 8 hours of sleep. Studies have always said that around 8 hours of sleep is the best amount to get every night, especially while stressed.

4. Try some relaxation techniques.

Most people are able to relax in different ways. Some simply go with yoga and others need to do a lot more. Some people say that a form of boxing, or just hitting something, can help relieve the stress of the week. They are able to take out the frustrations they have about everything or if you do yoga, stretching may help relax you more.

5. Keep a daily stress diary during the stressful time.

People have always said that it is a good idea to write down your thoughts if you are ever upset or any other similar way. Being stressed shouldn't be any different because you need to et your thoughts written down so that you don't keep them stuck in your head not giving you any time to think about what needs to be done. You can also use your journal to rate what was the most difficult part of that time to help you get better and not let that stress you out again.

6. Manage your time the right way.

Having an organized schedule is great to have during any time. If you are starting to feel a little stressed, write down what you need to do and when each of them are due. Once you have that done, you can schedule certain time to work on certain things and then you'll manage to get them done on time. Do not let things distract you! That means, no going out to party until you are done everything that needed to be done.

7. Learn to say no to more responsibilities.

There is always a time that someone asks you if you could do something for them cause they do not have time. Most people might agree to do that thing because they feel bad for their friend: you should not do this. They are not the only ones who are stressed out. They need to learn to manage their assignments like you so that they can get them done in time. This could also go for work. Most employers understand that you are a student and will not be able to work more, so your co-workers should understand this as well. If someone asks you to cover a shift for them, do not be afraid to say no if you have too much going on.

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