The holiday season is a time for giving and joy. A time to gather with the ones you love most. Unfortunately for some, the sight of one empty chair looms over them.

The same chair where they used to sit every year. They could light up a room with their presence. Their memory both fills and breaks your heart. But you know deep down that they want you to carry on.

Your first Christmas without that someone may be particularly hard, and that's okay. There may be some traditions that don't continue or a song that doesn't sound the same. But believe me when I say that the joy will return. It's understandable that you may not feel like celebrating, because it doesn't feel the same without them.

So, when you look at that empty chair, I hope that it can greet you with the happy memories that that person brought you. Remember the smile on their face when they unwrapped gifts or the same jokes that they made every year.

Make the most of every moment. Start your own traditions and pass them on. Cherish every family gathering. Appreciate those who are there and remember those who have passed.

I wish comfort to all those grieving at this time. I hope that you may find peace and hold your fond memories close.