Stop Being Scared Of Your Emotions

In recent months, I've really been struggling. All I see around me are people who are scared. Scared to show their emotions, scared to be in genuine love, just people scared to be their true selves.

Well, it's time to put an end to that.

Too often, I see people who are what I call "emotionally immature." What does that mean to me? They have an inability or an unwillingness to express their emotions to the people who care about them or the people who they care about.

Emotions are terrifying, I understand that. I used to be constantly scared of my emotions. What if they're tricking me? What if other people think they're weird? What if everyone rejects me? I'm telling you, I get it, and I've been through it too.

But it's time to ignore all those thoughts. Guess what, they're just thoughts, and they're RARELY accurate. And for that very small amount of time that they end up actually proving to be true, just remember that the ONLY people you need in your life are those who wholeheartedly support you.

If you're not expressing these emotions, how are the people you care about supposed to know you care? I've cut people out of my life because they couldn't show me that they cared, even if they claimed that they did. There's no healthy way to be around people like that if they're always making you second guess that they care about you.

But maybe you don't know how to stop being emotionally immature. If you have the right people in your life, I guarantee someone is willing to help you. Reach out to your psychology-enthusiast friend or generally your most supportive friend. Start out slow, we don't need your whole life tragedy at once, but know that what you say and feel is valid and you won't be made fun of for sharing that with the world (or just us, we know it's a hard transition).

Recently, I've realized a problem in my life. I let people who make me feel uncomfortable about myself and my emotions into my life. That is not OK. EVERY emotion you feel is valid all the time, and anyone who makes it feel otherwise isn't worth the effort. I've removed those people from my life, and honestly, I feel the most accepted I ever have, despite being friends with fewer people. The quantity doesn't matter, the quality does.

Also, who decided emotions should be hidden? Why are they such an odd thing to express?

We're all human, and emotions are an obvious part of that. It's healthy to have emotions and makes sense to express them. There's no reason for us to all pretend to be happy all the time. That just makes sadness and loneliness so much stronger behind closed doors. Sounds stupid, doesn't it? It's really absolute bullcrap.

So please stop being so emotionally immature, you're making the rest of us feel as though we can't express ourselves.

Really, just BE YOURSELF. Maybe you think yourself is emotionally immature. So I'll leave you with one thought: Are you really trying to tell me that you've never, not even once, thought, "I need to keep myself together and hold myself with pride so that others won't see my pain"?

Just something to think about... And please, please, please, whoever you choose to be, BE YOUR TRUE SELF.

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