Emma Chamberlain Changed
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Emma Chamberlain Changed

Emma Chamberlain has reinvented her video style, risen to the top, and influenced culture. Let's take a look at how this has been made possible.

Emma Chamberlain Changed
Issy Martin-Dye

Emma Chamberlain has reinvented her video style, so let's look at how she has risen to the top and influenced culture.

When Emma Chamberlain first started YouTube, she was a high schooler trying to find a safe space away from depression and anxiety. YouTube was just a positive creative outlet, something Emma never intended to turn into a career. Even so, she quickly skyrocketed in the community due to her authenticity, which proved to be quite relatable with fans. In a time cluttered with over-produced media featuring seemingly perfect lives, she represented a normal American teen. Emma's engaging editing style requires hard work, which is visible in the consistent zoom-ins and jump-cuts. But creating all these fine details comes with hours of editing, which eventually led to burnout for Emma.

Having a job hinged on personality doesn't leave much room for burnout. So, to keep up with the demand of the industry, the burn-out needed to be fixed. She hired an editor in order to give more energy to other priorities in life. But over time, the burnout persisted, which brought her full circle back to the realization that editing is her passion. So she gave it another shot at an attempt to reignite the fire, and soon enough, an iconic new style was born.

A new Emma has surfaced with the reinvented content, proving to be a far jump from her normal videos that usually aim for clicks. All click-bait has been removed, which is a style only able to be pulled off by creators like Emma. This is because she is in a para-social relationship with viewers, who feel that she is part of their life routine. And if you've seen any of the new videos, you know that the content proves the devotion of her viewers. It's a slower point-of-view look at Emma's life with an indie-film feel. This new take is a cinematic journey, unseen by big creators because of the goal of high views. By staying true to herself, Emma has even partnered with huge brands like Louie Vuitton, Levi, and Pac Sun, showing how global she has spread.

Throughout Emma's diachronic journey as a YouTuber, many cultural changes have been made with credit to her influence. Her transparent vlogging style is inspiring to many young people to be themselves on and offline. Also, the clothing industry has become more eco-friendly due to her influence on making thrifting trendier. Jean shorts and mom jeans are an example of clothes now trending due to her iconic fashionable modesty. And I don't know about you, but her passion for coffee has influenced an addiction within myself.

Viewers can't wait to see what else Emma Chamberlain has in store, for her fashion and editing game has only been advancing. She is a role model for many and a great example of a dynamic creator with perseverance. From being a normal teenager to making social media into a career, Emma has exceeded all expectations, with only more growth to come.

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