When Life Brings You Change, Embrace It

When Life Brings You Change, Embrace It

Life is too short to dwell on the changes that it brings along.

Personally, I’ve always been someone who has been more comfortable with what’s normal. From the way I live to the people I interact with and where I go. All of that is a part of my routine, and I’m not one that welcomes change all that happily.

I thought I was excited about school. I thought I was excited to be away from my family and have the opportunity to start over.

But that wasn’t the case at all.

The second I got to campus was the second I realized that everything was about to change for me, and I flipped. I’m a homebody and extremely close to my family so the idea of being four hours away and in a place that I didn’t know was terrifying.

I had no idea what to do with myself when my parents left.

Long story short, I realized that change wasn’t all that bad. I met so many amazing new people, was taught by some pretty awesome professors and even learned a few life lessons along the way.

Now I know that I'm transferring, and you might be thinking, "she's talking to me about accepting change when she's moving back home to go to a different school?"

Change can come in all different shapes and sizes. The decision for me to officially transfer was honestly one of the hardest decisions for me to make.

I didn't know whether God was calling me to stay at the school I started at or whether the signs were pointing in a completely different direction.

I had also grown accustomed to the way of living at my school. I found a spot in the library that I loved to study in, I woke up early enough to beat the Chick-fil-a breakfast line and I even got good at driving long distances because if you wanted to do anything in the town I lived in you had to be willing to drive a little.

I had gotten so used to it that it became my normal way of living, and the fact that I would leave again would mean another whole time of change.

I’ve come to the realization that this life is all about the choices we make. We choose to have a certain perspective, and we choose to make certain decisions. Life is too short to dwell on the changes that it brings along.

Embrace the differences and choose to look at those changes as an opportunity to better yourself or possibly other people.
Cover Image Credit: Brooklyn Blaylock

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Homework Avoidance College Style

Three papers to write this weekend. No problem!

Three papers to write this weekend.

No problem!

I can pound those out, it’s only Saturday morning

Just let me sleep in…

Sleep, it’s eluding me, alright, it must be time for coffee

Coffee, yup! That’s all I need to pound three papers out!

Oh, wait, maybe breakfast too.

My desk, it’s such a mess; I will focus so much better when it’s cleaned off.

Coffee how did that get cold?

Oatmeal, well it’s too hot to eat yet.

Desk, oh look, Christmas cards, time to put those away.

Coffee, when did I finish that?

Bills, can’t forget to pay those.

Oh look, emails, tax forms are ready to download.

Can’t forget to do that,

I might as well download them now.

Oatmeal, well it tastes alright cold I guess.

Shredding, well that’s fun;

I can do it now and be done.

Oh look, someone replied to my post.

Emails, oh yeah, I need to petition for graduation.

I should do that now, don’t want to forget.

Something’s graded, B+, alright, why, where’s my rubric?

Discussion board, new stuff to read, I might as well make my replies since I’m here.

Food porn, everyone is posting the meals they finished cooking.

I’m hungry, is it lunchtime?

Baked potato dipped in ketchup, I can pretend its fries right…


I think there’s some iced coffee in the fridge,

I can add the chocolate milk to that and make an iced mocha cool.

“For your Journal this week”

Oh crap, yeah I should start that.

“Alexia, play classical music”

I think I remember a study about classical music being good to study to.

Wait, did I get the coffee yet?

“You will need to cite at least two sources.”

Oh crap, it’s already two thirty!

Frantically writing…

Homework avoidance college style!

Cover Image Credit: Photo by: Khamkhor (Pixabay)

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