Christmas time is so overwhelming, some might even say chaotic. It is a tornado of colorful wrapping paper, ribbons and bows, sparkling lights, and ugly sweaters. Cinnamon dances through the air with fir and the scent of firewood. Hot cocoa, peppermint mochas, apple cider, and eggnog is shared among friends. All of these things are celebrated, but what is hidden?

The chaos of cuts from wrapping paper, shattered ornaments, and last minute shopping are hidden. There are arguments between family members that we pretend do not exist. There is stress as last minute gifts are purchased and lines are long. But what if we exposed those too?

What if both the “good” chaos and the “bad” chaos was celebrated, instead of looked down upon? What if we could remember Jesus being born not in spite of, but amidst the chaos. Amidst the parties and the deadlines, when family and friends are drawn near and wrapped in sweaters.

Too often, we try to cover up the reality of Christmas time. God did not send His only Son, Jesus, into a perfect family, He sent Him into a broken world. His mother was a poor girl and His father had to be convinced by an angel to take care of her. So why do we feel the need to keep up this perfect facade? December is one of the most chaotic months of the year, but that doesn’t mean that we have forgotten about the meaning of Christmas. Jesus was born in scandal and His scandalous love was shown to us through His perfect life, death, and resurrection, amidst chaos.