11 Embarrassing Stories Told By People Just Like You
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I Asked For 11 People's Most Embarrassing Stories And They Served Me Some Grade-A Certified Cringe

I asked around for some of the most embarrassing stories and thankfully, I wasn't disappointed. So, here are some funny, silly, humbling, and absolutely horrifying embarrassing stories.

I Asked For 11 People's Most Embarrassing Stories And They Served Me Some Grade-A Certified Cringe
Skylar Meyers

All names have been changed to protect privacy.

Tori - "Giant wad of toilet paper"

I was flying to see my best friend and was sitting three people to a row and, of course, I was stuck in the window seat.

I've never been a fan of the window seat because I have the smallest bladder on the planet and always have to get up several times. Given that, I got up halfway thru the flight and as I was standing, my water spilled all over my blue jeans right where it would look like I peed myself.

The lady next to me was taking forever to get up, so I had to sit back down in my seat because of turbulence.

After the seatbelt sign went off, I stood and realized that water was now on the backside of my jeans too. I really looked like I had peed myself. I walked quickly to the bathroom after the lady and her husband looked at me in disgust thinking I had peed myself.

After finishing up at the bathroom, I was walking back when I realized a lot of people were looking at me funny.

That's when the air flight attendant came up to me and told me that I had a huge wad of toilet paper coming from the back of my pants and was trailing behind me.

To say that this was absolutely mortifying would be an understatement.

Sally - "She farted a silent but deadly one"

So, my sister had just started dating this guy and their relationship was heating up. Well, one night he invited her over and made hamburgers and baked beans for her. She never ate beans as she really did not like them in general... but she still ate some to be polite.

After dinner, they were watching a movie and he laid his head in her lap when she farted a silent but deadly one.

Despite this happening, I can say that they've been happily married for several years now.

Taylor - "And I said F*** in front of my whole school"

I was giving a presentation for an all-school assembly in the 6th grade. The slideshow somehow got messed up and in front of everyone, including the principles and teachers, I dropped the f-bomb.

It was terrible, my god, and I'm still made fun of for it up until this day.

Lilia - "My dress was tucked in my underwear"

It was a fifth-grade talent show and I had been practicing for weeks on the song "Tale as Old as Time" from Beauty and the Beast. I had even gotten this pretty yellow sundress to go along with the song.

But, right before I went out on stage, I had to go to the bathroom. Afterward, my name was called and I sang my heart out and did swirls on stage as well.

A lot of people laughed but I thought it was because of my antics on stage as I sang.

Turns out, the back of my dress had been tucked in my bright pink Barbie underwear.

Helen - "And my pants just dropped"

I was in the first grade and I was competing in the class-wide jump rope competition.

Now, I had just learned how to jump rope and could do it very well. It was me and this other boy going strong and everyone was cheering me on — all my classmates, friends, and teachers.

But as everyone was cheering, I, unfortunately, noticed what was happening. The waistband of my jeans had come a little loose. I tried to multitask and with each jump, I tried to pull my pants a little higher.

The competition became too intense and I abandoned the idea of holding up my jeans for the chance of winning. Bad idea.

Next thing I knew, my hello kitty underwear was out for the world to see.

To make matters worse, I didn't even win the competition.

Lucy - "I realized I was in the wrong house"

I was on my way to a sleepover with my soccer team and was a little confused since I had never been to the girl's house before. I pulled up, parked my car and my best friend and I got out. We texted the girl that we were there and she said to come on in.

We opened the door and was greeted by a cute bulldog. It was weird because I didn't remember her ever saying that she had a dog.

Next thing I know some strange man came around the corner and questioned why we had come into his home.

Needless to say, this was not the soccer sleepover, but one of her neighbors who did not appreciate unwelcomed guests.

Chad - "Not knowing how I got a black eye"

Lol. Uh, so I was at this raved themed party.

I ended up passing out in the girl's backyard.

I woke up later and had a black eye and to this day, I have no idea where it came from.

To top it off, I had to walk home on this busy road so everyone could see my embarrassment.

Savannah - "I had to dive for my bikini four times"

I was in 7th grade and it was the first day of my first ever overnight camp that was scheduled to last two weeks.

I'm not sure if you can even count it the first day since my parents had literally just dropped me off like two hours before.

Anyway, I had gotten this brand new bikini and I was super excited to go on the huge water slide that they had at camp. The bottom of the waterslide ended in a smaller pool that happened to be really deep and, of course, about 15 guys from camp were sitting around it.

So, I get up to the top of the slide and I slide down the huge slide, no big deal. I splashed into the pool and came up and was met with a look of pure shock from every boy sitting around the pool. I can still see the horrified look in my mind to this day.

The lifeguard screamed at the boys to turn around but I just remember looking down and realizing that not only had my top come off but my bottoms had as well.

I had to dive for both pieces 4 times and then had to doggy paddle to put my suit back on. To say the rest of the camp was miserable would be an understatement.

McLovin - "Gigantic hole in the back of my favorite khaki shorts"

So, I blacked out one night and two sorority girls ended up walking me back to my frat house. I ended being carried out a little later by one of my brothers and on the way downstairs, I threw up and missed the toilet and ended up crashing on one of the downstairs couches.

The next morning, I woke up and noticed I had a gigantic hole in the back of my favorite khaki shorts. I had to walk home covering it up with my hand.

On a more positive note though, one of the sorority girls who walked me home that night told me I was the most polite, blacked out person that they had ever met

Lexi - "She was in the middle of peeing and a cop showed up"

So, my mom and I were driving up to Hershey Park when we realized that we were super lost (pre-Waze days). More importantly, my mom had to pee as usual, and there were no bathrooms or rest stops in sight since we somehow ended up on this backroad.

So, she pulls over near this hill thinking, "This looks discreet enough" and pulls down her pants to go to the bathroom.

Right in the middle of her going, low and behold this cop pulled up. Not having enough time to pull her pants up, my mom jumped behind the car door.

He asked if we were ok as I am trying not to cringe since he was literally standing in my mom's pee.

My mom thanked him and explained that we were just lost and, of course, he offered to help but, as you can imagine, my mom was literally standing behind this door with her pants down.

He offered to close the car door for her and, thankfully, she said it was fine.

He backed off and told us to have a good rest of our day. He walked back to his car with a giant pee stain on his shoe and pants.

It was so gross and embarrassing.

Brad - "I woke up and had to clean it all"

I was at this girl's party and I drank way too much.

I went to her bathroom and shit all over the wall and pissed myself too.

A few hours later, I woke up in the bathroom and had to wipe it all up.

I still feel bad about it.

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