Elizabeth Warren running for President 2020

Elizabeth Warren Running For President In 2020 Is The Best News I've Ever Received

Not everyone running for 2020 has been announced yet but she has my vote.


On December 31st, Elizabeth Warren announced her 2020 presidential campaign.

This is HUGE, especially for the Democrats. This election has been predicted to be a filled line up from all types of public figures/Politian's of every political party.

Why is this? It's because a lot of people are incredibly unhappy with the Trump administration and the outcomes of his time in office. People from every party who voted and didn't vote for him and are dissatisfied.

That's why this election is going to be so vital and action-packed.

Back to Elizabeth Warren. This boss ass lady announced her candidacy with a mission to help the middle class.

She shared her news to the public as any great candidate does … through a dramatic and well-filmed video involving their upbringing and their mission for America. "America's middle class is under attack. How did we get here? Billionaires and big corporations decided they wanted more of the pie. And they enlisted politicians to cut them a bigger slice."

Elizabeth Warren Launches Exploratory Committee for President www.youtube.com

Her slogan that fades on her website elizabethwarren.com, she says "We will save our democracy, we will rebuild the middle class, we will end Washington corruption."

Elizabeth Warren is famous in the progressive/democratic community for being a boss ass babe who stands up for what's right. Involving health, education, labor & pensions, social security, Medicare, and other programs for older Americans. Also to supporting our Armed Forces and make sure they are used for national security responsibly.

This lady in action is tough. Videos of her standing up to people like Betsy DeVos about what she believes is right is downright entertaining and amazing.

Elizabeth Warren is a woman that is a great example of a strong woman making things right. She wants to do what's right for our country. To her, that's running for President of the United States.

Senator Elizabeth Warren questions Betsy DeVos at Senate confirmation hearing www.youtube.com

"If we organize together, if we fight together, if we persist together we can win. We can and we will."

There are loads of people that I want to see running. Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Beto, Andrew Gillum, Philip Levine and way more. After this horrible mess that Trump has caused with his whining about the wall and shutting down the government and possibly causing a state of emergency. We need someone in charge who is going to help out the people and be there for everyone. Someone who wants to include us, not tear us apart with a wall. It's so upsetting to have a man in power and not using it for the right reasons! I want an Elizabeth Warren, a Michelle Obama, an Andrew Gillum, in office. Our nation needs to get better and fight to stop climate change instead of denying it. Helping out the middle class, the real people. I want someone to build our nation together instead of deporting hard working people supplying for their families. I could rant over and over about this.

I believe Elizabeth Warren would be a great option for this race and I'm excited to see how she does along with the opponents that will run alongside her.

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The Struggles Of Being A Millennial Republican

To us, conservative logic just makes sense.

We are the few, the proud, the Millennial Republicans. Our duty is to make sure the Grand Ol' Party stays alive and thriving, a task we proudly take on. We have forsaken all of the #FeelTheBern hashtags and declined to retweet the selfie of Kim Kardashian with Hillary Clinton. Our refusal to partake in the ideology of our peers does come at a cost by making us the unpopular kids at the political lunch table, a title we are actually okay with. Our "coolness" is a small price to pay to make sure America remains the best country in the world.

The Millennial Conservatives are a rare but amazing group of people who can bridge the gap between generations. Our basic principles still align with those of our parents' and grandparents' while bringing a fresh perspective to the table. To us, the conservative logic just makes sense. This is very clearly not the case for everyone, though. Every argument has been hurled our way for why it is crazy for our generation to vote red, but none have even come to close to convincing us to leave the right wing.

Unfortunately, there are still the daily struggles of being surrounded by democratic peers. These are a few situations which every twenty-something conservative can relate to:

When your liberal professor goes on a rant about the GOP.

Every time you see a Facebook rant about Bernie making everything “free.”

Actually, every time you see anything about #FeelingTheBern.

When you get on Tumblr to look at pictures of cute dogs and are bombarded by anti-Republican posts.

When Hillary Clinton did the "nae nae" so we were supposed to forget about Benghazi.

When people automatically assume you are voting for Donald Trump.

That friend who tells you all about how bad the Republican debates were but didn’t even watch them.

When a Democrat says they are the party that doesn’t judge anyone then calls all Republicans homophobic, sexist and racist.

When you find people your age who share your political stance.

You are a woman, so you must be a Democrat.

When someone tells you that Republicans are just “old, white men.”

When someone tries to convince you to switch parties.

Cover Image Credit: Jeremiah Schultz / Flickr

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Dear Nancy Pelosi, 16-Year-Olds Should Not Be Able To Vote

Because I'm sure every sixteen year old wants to be rushing to the voting booth on their birthday instead of the BMV, anyways.


Recent politicians such as Nancy Pelosi have put the voting age on the political agenda in the past few weeks. In doing so, some are advocating for the voting age in the United States to be lowered from eighteen to sixteen- Here's why it is ludicrous.

According to a study done by "Circle" regarding voter turnout in the 2018 midterms, 31% of eligible people between the ages of 18 and 29 voted. Thus, nowhere near half of the eligible voters between 18 and 29 actually voted. To anyone who thinks the voting age should be lowered to sixteen, in relevance to the data, it is pointless. If the combination of people who can vote from the legal voting age of eighteen to eleven years later is solely 31%, it is doubtful that many sixteen-year-olds would exercise their right to vote. To go through such a tedious process of amending the Constitution to change the voting age by two years when the evidence doesn't support that many sixteen-year-olds would make use of the new change (assuming it would pass) to vote is idiotic.

The argument can be made that if someone can operate heavy machinery (I.e. drive a car) at sixteen, they should be able to vote. Just because a sixteen-year-old can (in most places) now drive a car and work at a job, does not mean that they should be able to vote. At the age of sixteen, many students have not had fundamental classes such as government or economics to fully understand the political world. Sadly, going into these classes there are students that had mere knowledge of simple political knowledge such as the number of branches of government. Well, there are people above the age of eighteen who are uneducated but they can still vote, so what does it matter if sixteen-year-olds don't know everything about politics and still vote? At least they're voting. Although this is true, it's highly doubtful that someone who is past the age of eighteen, is uninformed about politics, and has to work on election day will care that much to make it to the booths. In contrast, sixteen-year-olds may be excited since it's the first time they can vote, and likely don't have too much of a tight schedule on election day, so they still may vote. The United States does not need people to vote if their votes are going to be uneducated.

But there are some sixteen-year-olds who are educated on issues and want to vote, so that's unfair to them. Well, there are other ways to participate in government besides voting. If a sixteen-year-old feels passionate about something on the political agenda but can't vote, there are other ways of getting involved. They can canvas for politicians whom they agree with, or become active in the notorious "Get Out The Vote" campaign to increase registered voter participation or help register those who already aren't. Best yet, they can politically socialize their peers with political information so that when the time comes for all of them to be eighteen and vote, more eighteen-year-olds will be educated and likely to vote.

If you're a sixteen-year-old and feel hopeless, you're not. As the 2016 election cycle approached, I was seventeen and felt useless because I had no vote. Although voting is arguably one of the easiest ways to participate in politics, it's not the only one. Since the majority of the current young adult population don't exercise their right to vote, helping inform them of how to stay informed and why voting is important, in my eyes is as essential as voting.

Sorry, Speaker Pelosi and all the others who think the voting age should be lowered. I'd rather not have to pay a plethora of taxes in my later years because in 2020 sixteen-year-olds act like sheep and blindly vote for people like Bernie Sanders who support the free college.

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