Why You Should Watch "Elite"
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'Elite' Is The Next Netflix Original Series You Should Binge

A teenage murder mystery done right? Sign me up!

'Elite' Is The Next Netflix Original Series You Should Binge

If you're looking for something to binge on Netflix this week, look no further than the recent original series—"Elite"! Although I still have two episodes remaining out of the eight episodes of season one to finish, I can safely say that thus far, this show has been an enjoyable and thrilling take on the classic murder mystery. The story revolves around an elite private school to which three former public school students are given scholarships to attend, and with their entry, the hierarchical structure of the school shifts, and drama follows—along with a murder investigation that they're trying to solve.

The show kept me hooked for a number of reasons. For one, the vast cast of characters differ in attitudes and personalities, and they are fascinating to observe. They respond to their world in different ways due to their upbringings, and it impacts how they treat those around them, allowing for incredible character development as the series progresses—while creating room for character regression as well. It is easy to disagree with their motivations, but it is also understandable as to why they do certain things. Their individual storylines are woven so tightly together that the overreaching arc of the murder binds all of the characters in compelling manners.

Another aspect of the show that will stand out to viewers is that the show has been filmed in Spanish, and if your knowledge of the language is poor—like mine—subtitles are a requirement. Yet, I adore watching shows from different cultures and languages as it cracks a window into another part of our world that we may not be familiar with, and although the language difference might be jarring if you've never watched a series in a foreign language before, it is a refreshing change from the usual big city American dramas that dominate television nowadays.

Finally, the murder plot line is drawn into the story very well. Despite the fact that the episodes take place in the past, the show manages to remind its audience that someone has died and the murderer has yet to be found by fast-forwarding to the present in which each character that you've grown familiar with is being questioned. In this, no one is safe from being considered the murderer, and it broadens the scope of the show from being a typical high school drama to being a serious investigation.

As you watch, the question of who killed their fellow classmate nags at the back of your mind, and it's impossible to rule anyone out when new information continues to be revealed in the present throughout each episode. The show forces you to question all of the characters yourself, and it makes you wonder whether you should like certain people if there is a possibility they have blood on their hands. It is very much a mind game, and the show engages the audience well in keeping up the suspense and mystery.

If you're looking for something to watch, this is it. "Elite" has its share of romantic relationships you can root for, characters that you want to understand more, and intriguing storylines that tie into the big question: who killed their classmate?

Honestly, it feels like a better version of "Riverdale" in my opinion. "Elite" does many things right that "Riverdale" has not. It gives screentime to all of their relationships—not just the straight ones—and has mastered the combination of teenage angst with the suspense of a murder mystery. I'm even more excited about the fact that a second season has already been confirmed, and I can't wait to finish it.

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