When you’re up north, anything can happen. From corn hole tournaments to ski pyramids. Along with that comes one of the greater importances in any situation, the choice of music. More often than not, any crowd opts for music that is popular to that time. But not up north at the cabin. Up here, music is a necessity and every song matters. Of course, it’s almost always country, but then there are those instances where the oldies come back and prove to be even more important than the latest on "Hits One." What could possibly be better than 20-something voices singing in terrible pitch to the chorus of “Sweet Caroline” during happy hour? Or listening to all of the guys sing along to The Spice Girls on a nightly pontoon ride? And the best part is, they aren’t even "lit." There are plenty of reasons why older music will stay alive longer than the most modern pieces, but 11 will do. Those oldies are goodies that are so good they’ll be around for generations.

1. They never get boring.

When the oldies come out and everyone sings along to them and some reminisce about the good times when the song was so popular, there’s no way someone couldn’t sing along to it, even if they hated it.

2. The style of music is more "raw."

When listening to older songs, the beat, voice and the entire song, in general, is less edited and as a result produces better music than the majority of the modernized genres out there today.

3. It isn’t trashy.

Today’s music is rather obscene if you take the time to actually listen to what the artist is singing. Usually, it isn’t really child-appropriate. Sure, the beat may be catchy, but the language and the message behind it usually aren't.

4. It’s catchy.

All oldies are catchy. It’s almost impossible to not sing along to them, and they’re most enjoyable when they’re catchy. Just face it, it’s better to be feeling good about singing along to a catchy song rather than trying to sing to a song that makes you cringe inside, even though it’s number one on the hit music chart.

5. It’s something that everyone can relate to.

At basically every wedding my family attends, "Sweet Caroline" always ends up coming on more than once. And why? Because every person of all ages loves it. Even if there’s a 60-year-old woman and a 10-year-old boy dancing out on the dance floor, they both know it and join in together because it’s one of those oldies everyone knows.

6. The music can be an ice-breaker in awkward situations.

Cue the red faces and fidgety hands! No matter how awkward the situation is, whether it be at a family reunion, wedding or even a get-together at someone’s house, music is key to communication success. Bring out the older music to bring in the crowds. By doing this, the shy caterpillars will turn into social butterflies in no time.

7. It really is a giant "Awesome Mix volume one."

There’s so much variety in the older music that all of it is considered an awesome mix. It’s a giant volume of original greatness.

8. You actually do love what your parents listen to.

Yes, they are a portion of what influences what you listen to, and old music is obviously one of them.

9. Old music is original, new music all sounds the same.

New, modern music all has the same sort of beat, tempo, style, etc. What makes old music so unique is how original each song is. A lot of modern songs sound the same, probably because the same style is taken from another artist. Old music has a style that fits the personality and individuality of the artist.

10. Old music gives you "the feels" versus newer unfamiliar music.

Oldies bring out the happiness and urge to sing in all of us. Sure, you might be a terrible singer, but we get such the feels with these oldies that we can’t help but feel the love that these songs bring.

11. Oldies will always bring families together.

Up north, my entire family loves the old songs. These range from The Spice Girls to old Shania Twain’s "Man I Feel Like A Woman." Everyone loves the variety that oldies have to offer, and the love will never die out in the cabin hearts up north. So yes, Blue Swede, we really are hooked on a bunch of feelings.