11 Reasons We LOVE Eleven
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11 Reasons We LOVE Eleven

Because Eleven is everything.

11 Reasons We LOVE Eleven

Can we just talk about Stranger Things for a moment? Like many people I know , I have been sucked into this Netflix phenomenon, and I can't get enough of it! Thankfully, the trailer for season two was recently released.

While 2017 seems impossibly far away, it gives fans like us something to hope for and clamor over while we wait to see how the story continues. So, to help pass the time, here's a list of 11 reasons Eleven is near and dear to our hearts!

Before you scroll down, it should be noted that this list contains SPOILERS for Season One of Stranger Things. If you haven't seen it yet, what are you waiting for? Check it out (exclusively) on Netflix.

1. She's a strong, independent young woman who knows what she wants.

And gets what she wants. And what she wants is the delicious taste of Eggo waffles. Get it, girl!

2. She loves her friends.

She might even love them more than we do. Maybe.

3. Speaking of love...

Mike + Eleven = OTP! Because it would be weird to go to the Snow Ball with your sister.

4. She's not shy when it comes to fries.

I feel like we could just go to Red Robin and hang out in our very own judgement-free zone. Keep those bottomless wedges flowing!

5. She's Daddy's Girl.

There will always be a place in her heart for her Papa. Even if she would murder everyone else in the room without a second thought. That's devotion.

6. She speaks her mind.

Even if that means almost blowing her cover. Friends don't lie, but they do cover for you from time to time....

7. She knows how to get out of a jam.

Even if it's a traffic jam. L8er, h8ers!

8. Her #SQUADGOALS are on fleek!

It doesn't matter where. It doesn't matter when. No worries. Eleven's always got your back in epic fashion.

9. She knows when she's in too deep.

Even Eleven can be vulnerable at times, usually due to her selflessness and affiliations with those around her. But if Papa would have only listened, none of this would have ever happened.

10. We know she's still out there. Somewhere.

After all, someone has to eat all those Christmas cookies and waffles that Hopper leaves in the drop box. It was empty when he lifted the lid! #ElevenLives!

11. And, lastly, as Dustin would say...

And we love her. And we can't wait to see her again in Stranger Things, Season Two.

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