8 Comic Books That Needs To Be On The Big Screen

8 Comic Books That Needs To Be On The Big Screen

"Mean while at the Legion of Doom!"

1. Fantastic Four

It’s aware the three Fantastic Four film adaptions were crap. Though, to be an optimist the Fantastic Four can get another reboot and can be successful, if its fictional background can be used properly.

Spider-man is on its third Peter Parker and there were seven actors (currently on its eighth) who’ve portrayed Bruce Wayne/Batman.In the comic books the FF helped expand the Marvel Universe, introducing other popular marvel characters such as Doctor Doom, Namor, Galactus and the Silver Surfer. It’s unfortunate they were not in canon in the Marvel Universe, their presence would’ve been…FANTASTIC. Make Fantastic Four great again!

2. Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer was in 2007’s Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, mentioned previously, it had received negative reviews and left Silver Surfer floating in space.The Jack Kirby’s metallic humanoid has a wonderful origin story, which can be translate to the big screen with successful results.

If not too familiar with the Marvel character, the Silver Surfer surfs through the universe for planets to feed his master, Galactus. There is more beyond him besides being a Herald of Galactus.

Fantastic Four 2, butchered one of the most powerful entities in their Universe (Galactus), by making him appear as a gigantic space cloud.Having this as a standalone film can even interlude with the Fantastic Four reboot in relation for future projects.

3. Lobo

With so many DC films coming down the road, a Lobo film will not be one of them, but they should consider it.

Lobo is from the DC universe, an anti-hero who is durable to fight Superman one-on-one and other heavy hitting heroes. Lobo did have an animated appearance in the Superman animated series, so there is familiarity for the character.

He’s a space-biker and bounty hunter from the planet Czarina, which he committed genocide to his own race.His backstory is quite intriguing, being gritty and hard headed to rival the likes of Wolverine or Cable for example. Having a Lobo film possibly with the Rated-R label with similar humor qualities like the Deadpool film can be a box office success.

4. Spawn

We are all familiar with the 1997 film Spawn, remakes have been on-going in the movie business, why not a Spawn remake?

Spawn is a beloved character in the comic society. Its content is more into the realm of supernatural superhero category having demons, angels and etc. Created by Todd McFarlane, Spawn was once a government agent Al Simmons, who was betrayed and was sent to Hell for whose killings. Exchanging his soul to see his wife again, he was able to come back to Earth only as a hell spawn.It’s twenty years since the original film came out, rebooting this beloved comic book character be tremendous to see in theaters again.

5. The Amory Wars

The Amory Wars, written by front man Claudio Sanchez from the band Coheed and Cambria. For those who are not familiar, the band’s name originates from this comic book.

Originally it was titled Coheed and Cambria, but came out with only one issue.The band obtained huge success with their music, having Sanchez to revamp the series. Most of their songs and song titles are based upon the Amory Wars; labeled as concept writers.

Amory Wars is set in an alternate universe where a collection of planets is interconnected by energy beams called “Heaven’s Fence.”In this universe the characters are the Kilgannons against an evil that controls Heaven’s Fence. Particularly, this concept can easily be a saga or a trilogy. If that’s not possible, an exclusive television series would be splendid.

6. Saga

Written by Brian K. Vaughan, who wrote Lost, The Runaways and Y: The Last Man, this comic book is a space saga and fantasy. The story sets on two lovers from different alien races, which conceived a child and are fleeing from authorities from both sides as they are having a galactic war with each other.

The series is currently on-going and has earned an Eisner award and a Saturn award.The premise is a mixture of Star Wars, Romeo & Juliet and Game of Thrones.The adaptation for film is possible if the viewers can embrace it, or a possible HBO series, which can be capable to thrive.

7. Wild C.A.T.S

Wild C.A.T.S is a superhero team that has been in a universal battle between two prehistoric alien races.Released by WildStorm comics, it was a hit series in the 90s, which had a short-lived animation series in 94.

WildStorm comics is currently owned by DC and has a few of the Wild C.A.T.S members appearing in the DC universe such as Grifter and Warblade. Films like Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy, were comic book films where the major audience weren’t aware of the comic book content, yet gained positive reviews and being box office smashes (minus Suicide Squad).Wild C.A.T.S. is capable to be produced if Warner Bros, who own DC, wants to greenlight a film interpretation.

8. Legion of Doom

Originated in Challenge for the Super Friends, animated series in 1978, the concept was incorporated in the DC universe.Organized by Lex Luthor, the Legion of Doom are a league of villains that are adversaries of the Justice League to combine their powers in controlling the world and eliminating the Justice League. The Legion of Doom has been in a few DC animation series like Justice League Unlimited and Young Justice. Having a film concept based on DC heroes’ arch nemeses in the “Hall of Doom,” collaborating and bickering would be a splendid concept of a comic book film.

Cover Image Credit: Saga Title // Pinterest

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