I am not subtle when I talk about how much I dislike the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. Honestly, it takes all of my energy not to yell when I discuss her and her latest antics to destroy all of American education as we know it. The significance of cutting funds to education is that programs, clubs, and sports will start getting cut from schools as well, which causes problems for public school systems. The school itself will fall into disrepair. Budget cuts not only hurt public schools but also gives precedence to the whole school choice debate and gives more power to private schools. I went to a public school, and I have no problem with private schools. Still, I have always felt that I got the best education from going to a public high school.

I took AP classes, went to almost every football game, and was part of so many clubs. It made me so glad to be there. But now, I am an education student in a school district that does not have the same opportunities that I did when I was in high school. These schools have buildings that are falling apart, textbooks that are only a classroom set, no money for art programs or a variety of clubs, and lack of decent education overall because their schools have no money.

Why do we need to put money towards a military and constantly be at war when our own country is suffering? There is no money for our own people and there are children that are left starving and homeless. We need to stop cutting money from proper programs like health, education and various other things. Without education, we would not have the modern world that we live in today. People are constantly learning new things that have been inspired by others. Teachers are literally everywhere. They are not just in the classroom: they are our parents, celebrities, famous inventors, and politicians; they are in every person because a teacher can be anyone.

Then why does the American government believe that it is not important to have money put towards education? Why is one of our most valuable assets one of the least financially supported? Why are we letting children and the ones who matter most in our country take the fall?

People need to take action against this. In order to make America great again, we need to start by making our programs better. Let us live not by one specific party's ideals but by what we think is the best for our country. We will not stand with a person that has never stepped foot in a public school and filled out a loan. We need to make America great, not worse.

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