What They Don't Teach You In School
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What They Don't Teach You In School

As I get older, and more responsibilities seem to follow me around. I realize the things they failed to teach in school, should've been things you shouldn't learned.

What They Don't Teach You In School

As a teenager we try growing up too quickly, by not behaving and thinking we know more than our parents. We are so fixated on becoming older, we don't realize that life will pass us by. Twenty four and realizing all the things they didn't teach us in high school will become shocking news when we finally learn everything we've missed out now. Finding out about mortgages, credit scores, and stocks is a whole new world.

As I get older, I start to reminisce living with my parents and having dinner cooked for me and my laundry taken care for me. Now, everything is left for you to do cook dinner, clean the house, and laundry. I thought adulting would be so much fun, and some days they're other. Other days I'm ready to scream at the sun because I'm up to my head in work, life, and school responsibilities.

Had I known about when to purchase a house or what you needed to purchase a house, I probably would've already had one. There's so much missing information when I graduated high school, they don't want to teach basic banking information but sure I'll use algebra everyday of my life.

I'm happy there's social media with people sharing useful information about purchasing a house, or opening a stock account. Some more accurate than others, but nonetheless helpful information for anyone that doesn't know. I just learned how to purchase stocks this year and how to invest your money properly. Which is useful information that students should've been taught in high school, not geometry. To think of all the money that I could've invested in companies had I known about this information after I graduated. It probably would've been a life changer but because this isn't taught there's plenty of people who aren't aware of the stock market.

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