5 Songs That Everyone Needs To Add To Their 'Winter Mood' Playlist ASAP
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5 Songs That Everyone Needs To Add To Their 'Winter Mood' Playlist ASAP

These songs will have you rocking around the Christmas tree.

5 Songs That Everyone Needs To Add To Their 'Winter Mood' Playlist ASAP

When I think of winter, my mind goes to fireplaces, snowstorms, scarves, red cheeks and noses from the cold, sled riding, and of course, the holidays.

When I'm making a playlist, my goal is to find the best songs that match the vibe I get from this season. Whether you're used to snowstorms or sunshine during the holiday season, the overarching feeling of this time of year is warm, cozy, and filled with love.

These 5 songs perfectly capture the winter spirit.

1. "Mistletoe" by Justin Bieber

"Mistletoe" has been one of the songs I associate with winter since its release in 2011. Its mellow beat and sweet lyrics make it perfect for the cozy winter vibes. It is reminiscent of classic holiday tunes, but with a more relevant sound. No wonder it's played at every holiday party. I mean, who wouldn't want to be under the mistletoe with Justin Bieber?

2. "Wonderland" by Taylor Swift

This song is not necessarily a holiday song, but to me, it fits the winter mood perfectly. Released in 2014, "Wonderland" features bells that remind you of the holiday season. It talks about a breakup, which for those of us who are single during the holiday season, is perfect for the darker mood that winter can bring.

3. "Midnight" by Coldplay

This song fits the "sitting by the fire" vibes immaculately. It's mellow and soothing, with soft vocals and a simple sound. For many, including myself, the holidays can seem a bit melancholy. It's not a sad time of year, but emotions make the season what it is. This song speaks to that feeling.

4. "Winter Things" by Ariana Grande

"Winter Things" reminds me of the holidays in a tropical area. The single ukulele and Ariana Grande's vocals mesh beautifully. This song brings out the positive feelings that the holiday season radiates. It's great for when you're wrapping presents or baking cookies.

5. "Sweater Weather" by The Neighborhood

"Sweater Weather" is a personal favorite of mine for the winter. It somehow captures the feeling of snow in a song. It also has that deep and rich sound that matches the winter season. Like the other songs I've mentioned, it matches the more mellow sound. Winter is in fact perfect "Sweater Weather,:

Whether you find winter to be a season filled with positivity or one a bit more melancholy, these songs make a winning winter playlist. They capture the many emotions that people experience during the winter, and I hope that you'll enjoy!

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