15 Ed Sheeran Lyrics That Make The 'Perfect' Caption For All Your Insta Posts
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15 Ed Sheeran Lyrics That Make The 'Perfect' Caption For All Your Insta Posts

Forget Drake or Cardi B — Ed Sheeran is the go-to artist for awesome captions.

15 Ed Sheeran Lyrics That Make The 'Perfect' Caption For All Your Insta Posts

There is no doubt that everyone loves a good Insta-worthy caption for their just as worthy pictures. There seems to be a sort of art form to creating one, as well, where both facets have to perfectly compliment the other. Most of the time, however, it seems as though people have writer's block over this and in the end simply give up and put a random slew of emojis.

Well, those days are long gone because I have you covered for your next couple of posts with a range of song lyrics from one of my favorite artists: Ed Sheeran. He may be best known for writing today's top romance ballads, but he's also one of the most acclaimed songwriters in the business today. Not only do his lyrics make great captions for a cute couple post, but he has some other gems that can go with a whole different range of pictures.

Here are some of my favorite lyrics from the Ginger God himself that will "perfectly" match with your next Instagram post — no pun intended.

"We keep this love in a photograph/ We keep these memories for ourselves/ And time's forever frozen, still." — "Photograph"

This may be one of Sheeran's most used lyrics for a social media post, but this would be a special one for Instagram in particular. If you're going to post a "tbt" or just a candid picture with friends, this emphasizes the fact that the picture will forever hold the happiness captured in it. It's cheesy but true.

"I'm gonna pick up the pieces and build a Lego house/ if things go wrong we can knock it down." — "Lego House"

Fun captions are always my favorite to read, and I think these lyrics can fall into this category. Whether your picture consists of your S.O., a new home or actual Legos try out this caption for a change. Then go watch this music video because it has the iconic Rupert Grint in it. (Ginger Power!)

"I feel the chemicals/ Burn in my bloodstream/ So tell me when it kicks in." — "Bloodstream"

In one of Sheeran's most powerful songs, these lyrics can apply to anyone having an adrenaline rush or just simply reflecting on life. A workout picture or a black-and-white filtered one would best pair with these words to add just a little more depth to it all.

"People fall in love in mysterious ways/ And maybe it's all part of a plan." — "Thinking Out Loud"

In another one of Sheeran's mega-hits, these lyrics would probably be the most unique out of the whole song for you to use for your next lovey picture. It isn't totally cheesy or cliché, but it still brings all the romantic feels to the post- I say this is a home run for a successful Insta post.

"Do you ever wonder if the stars shine out for you?/ Float down, like autumn leaves." — "Autumn Leaves"

So this caption is literally the best for any picture taken within the next three months because it has all to do with Fall. If you want to post a cute selfie in a flannel or an outdoors photo with a bonfire under the stars, these lyrics really get you in that Autumn mood. Thanks Ed!

"Where I'm heading, who knows?/ But my heart will stay the same." — "Eraser"

In this raw track from Sheeran's latest album, these lyrics describe taking on new ventures but still staying true to who you are. If you're starting fresh, big or small, make your caption an honest statement for all your followers to admire.

"We watched the sunset over the castle on a hill." — "Castle on the Hill"

It's just one hit after another. Personally, this song makes me want to gather all my friends and go on a great adventure and I even reflect on all the great memories I have with them all. Whether it be a picture of good times or a beautiful sunset, this caption will make your post a very aesthetic one.

"All I want is the taste that your lips allow." — "Give Me Love"

This is another one that goes with a romantic post, but it is unlike all the other cheesy captions. Sure, this may seem cheesy at first but it's honestly a very sweet statement for your significant other to read about them. If you want to really "woo" them while posting a kissing photo of the two of you, use this lyric.

"Bibia Be Ye Ye." — "Bibia Be Ye Ye"

You're most likely looking at this lyric and thinking to yourself what in the world it means. Well, Sheeran included this African-inspired song on his latest album and put the title in Twi, a language spoken in Ghana. It's a very upbeat and fun-sounding song, and these words actually translate to "all will be well." If you're looking for a unique caption for a fun or random picture, you've just found it.

"We could change this whole world with a piano/ Add a bass, some guitar, grab a beat and away we go." — "What Do I Know?"

These lyrics have to do with changing the world in small ways with music, so why not post something inspirational? Forget about your Instagram being aesthetically pleasing and switch it up with a great quote; even better, if you're a musician you should post a picture of yourself performing or practicing. You rarely see these kinds of posts on typical Insta accounts, so stand out and do this for a change.

"Still lookin' at your Instagram and I'll be creepin' a li'l/ I'll be tryin' not to double tap, from way back/ 'Cause I know that's where the trouble's at." — "New Man"

These lyrics are really fun to use as an Insta caption in particular because it's just so true . Whether it is your ex or a fake friend you had in the past, you just can't help but stalk their account at least once and go all the way through every single one of their posts. Whatever kind of post it is, throw a little bit of truth into it (as well as some shade). It's not bad to include a little mystery every now and then.

"And I hope that I see the world as you did 'cause I know/ A life with love is a life that's been lived." — "Supermarket Flowers"

In one of Sheeran's saddest songs where he sings about his late grandmother, this caption is completely appropriate for a picture of a passed loved one. These lyrics are just so beautiful and ring very true, so song lyrics such as these would be a great caption for a picture you may not even be able to put into the right words.

"Your love was handmade for somebody like me." — "Shape of You"

In one of Sheeran's most well-known jams, he sings this pretty romantic line. This would make a great caption for any post with your S.O. and is a great combination of uniqueness and "aww" factor.

"And I know you love Shrek/ 'Cause we've watched it 12 times/ But maybe you're hoping for a fairytale too." — "Wake Me Up"

Okay, who doesn't love Shrek? In one of my all-time favorite songs from Sheeran, he sings alongside a piano about his muse. If you're in a relationship and they happen to love Shrek, this could be a perfectly funny and quirky caption to make an ultimately cute post.

"They say I'm up and coming like I'm f***ing in an elevator." — "You Need Me, I Don't Need You"

In one of Sheeran's greatest lyrical tracks that happen to be one of his oldest songs, he raps with a guitar about being an authentic songwriter and disses all the fake artists. Despite the raunchiness, this is personally one of my favorite lyrics from Sheeran ever just because of its cleverness. If you're chasing a dream, whatever it may be, use this lyric to really "wow" your followers- just make sure to thank Ed for this one!

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