Is Eating Chicken Basically Accepted Animal Cruelty?
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Is Eating Chicken Basically Accepted Animal Cruelty?

Why we should all be vegetarian...

Is Eating Chicken Basically Accepted Animal Cruelty?
Mercy for Animals

Over the last twenty years, chicken production has gone up immensely. Due to genetic changes chicken farmers are able to get exactly what they want out of the chicken. They abuse antibiotics that cause chickens to grow at twice the normal rate in order to produce more chicken at a higher and faster rate. They even cause larger breast development because white meat is more popular. While hundreds of chickens are cramped into dark, dirty slaughter houses, we are sitting idly by enjoying JBS S.A. and Tyson, some of the biggest mass-producers of chicken ever. Creating the most amount of food, accumulating the most amount of money, no matter how the chickens are treated or cared for is all these mass-producers care about. These chickens are living among feces and dispensers of antibiotics that speed up their growth at sickening rates. Their insides do not keep up with the outsides causing numbers of problems and issues that none of these giant corporations think about. Even these farmers are done with this horrible treatment of these animals. These poor creatures are real animals and should be treated as such not as moneymaking machines only born and kept alive to be killed for cash and capital. If we stopped buying these foods and eating these animals, we could shut down these horrible conditions forever. Farmers and buyers can stop this animal cruelty, and we can make a cleaner, loving society for our food and livestock.

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