11 Easy Ways To Make And Keep Sustainable New Year's Resolutions
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11 Easy Ways To Make And Keep Sustainable New Year's Resolutions

Last year can't jade us from our desire to make resolutions forever.

11 Easy Ways To Make And Keep Sustainable New Year's Resolutions
Nissa Diaz

Maybe you're apprehensive to set goals because they've never worked out in the past, and I totally feel you. But now, you have a guide to actually make and keep your New Year's resolutions! Lucky you!

1. Go easy on yourself.


It's OK to not be consistent all day every day, someday you need a cheat day, or you just need a day for yourself. It's one day out of the whole year, don't be so hard on yourself! You have time.

2. Set smart goals.


Setting the right kind of goals is *SO* important! Make sure you set SMART goals, learn more about them here!

3. Write down your goals!


Writing down your goals will help you envision them, and motivate you more to complete them! Grab a journal or a vision board and get crackin'!

4. Find an accountability partner.


Find someone who will keep you motivated, and accountable! Maybe even share a common goal to be a great team!

5. Track your progress.


Take a before and after survey, and keep a journal to track your progress so you can celebrate the little wins!

6. Clean up your social media feed.


Delete all the negativity and toxicity from your feed, and start following more accounts with positive and motivational posts!

7. Remind yourself why you're doing it.


Keep your end goal in mind, and keep reminding yourself why you started.

8. Meditate.


Take some time to yourself to process your thoughts and emotions, and let yourself reflect.

9. Reach out for help.


Don't be afraid to reach out for help when you need it! Whether that be a therapist, nutritionist, or a friend, always reach out for help when you need it.

10. Schedule your time.


Make sure you allot time for your goal during your everyday life!

11. Give it 21 days.


Give it 21 days to make or break that habit, only 21 days and you'll start being consistent!

Now you go out there and tackle those goals!

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