Top 7 Easy Dance Moves For The Naturally Awkward
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7 Dance Moves To Try If You're A Naturally Awkward Potato On The Dance Floor

Think you can't dance? Think again.

7 Dance Moves To Try If You're A Naturally Awkward Potato On The Dance Floor

Picture this: There you are, standing on the dance floor. The music is excellent, the crowd is hyped, and the lights are just right. It's time to bust a move, but there's just one small problem: You don't know how to dance. Never fear! Many, many people struggle with this, and the good news is: most of us are not good dancers.

Dancing (unless for competitive purposes) is not about being good. Sure, it'd be nice if we were all naturally graceful and smooth, but that's simply too much to ask. No, dancing is about having fun. Yes, you will look silly. Yes, people will laugh. However, if you're laughing too, then isn't it worth it? If everyone is being silly and looking like fools together, then what's the point in being embarrassed? In light of this, here are 7 trusty moves for beginners to bust out on the dance floor to set the tone and get the party started. These can be applied to any song, anytime.

The Disco Man

Popularized in the '70s with beloved songs like "Staying Alive" by the Bee Gees, this move is a classic. It's a bit attention-getting though, so be prepared for eyes to be drawn to you. To perform this, simply place your non-dominant hand on your hip, then point your dominant hand at first the sky, then your opposite hip. Repeat this motion with some hip shakes, and you will be the star of any dance floor, any time. For a demonstration of how best to use this move, check out this video from seconds 30-36.

The Shopping Cart

Ever been grocery shopping? If you understand the concept of pushing a cart and taking items off of shelves and putting them in said cart, you can do "The Shopping Cart". Just mime putting items in a cart in time to the beat. It's also perfectly acceptable and even encouraged that you put some attitude into the one. Grab your imaginary chips and shake them like a boss before tossing them into your fictitious cart. Your fellow dancers will love you for it. These guys give a pretty awesome demonstration of how to best use this move.

The Macarena

Oh yes, I said it. Hey, Macarena! This move is a classic, and all you need is a steady beat to pull it off. What's fantastic about this dance is that it looks coordinated, and people will often start to follow you as you do it. You could start an impromptu flash mob with the right song, the macarena, and a good crowd. I dare you to try it.

The Grapevine

Grapes Grapevine Vine Fruit Winegrowing

This move can be dangerous, as in if you stare at your feet while doing it you can grapevine right into a group of people and injure someone. If you can do it without looking down though, feel free to bust this one out! Girls love fancy feet, and it's just plain fun to look fancy with as you cross the floor. Don't know how to grapevine? It's hard to verbally explain, so just watch this.

The Sprinkler

Rainbow Outdoor Lawn Sprinkler Green Park Grass

Yet another classic dance move, this one can be done by placing one hand behind your head and allowing your elbow to stick out, then sticking the other arm straight out in front. Next, bring in your elbow while moving your other hand towards it, then back out again. Ideally while doing this, you are pivoting, giving the illusion that you are a classic lawn sprinkler watering the grass. For a quick demonstration, watching this.

The Jim


This one is inspired by John Krasinski's character on "The Office" (US). In a few different episodes, we get to see him dance, and I have to say, it's great. Some examples would be the lip dub and cafe disco. You have to look for it because he's in the background, but it's there. Basically, he jumps in place with his arms pinned to his side. Like all of these moves, it can be used with any song at any time. I recommend mixing this one in with some other moves though, as jumping for too long can get tiring.

The Shuffle

There are many different kinds of shuffles, including the famous cupid shuffle, but what I'm referring to here is the act of repeatedly shuffling your feet to first the right, then the left, and moving your arms in some fashion with you. You can use just your shoulders even. Whether you use your whole body or just your shoulders, wiggling from side to side is an easy warm-up dance move to get the party started, and easy transition move to throw in from time to time. This one also gives you the option for creativity. It's the closest to improvised dance you can get without looking too crazy.

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