Easy Costume Ideas, Especially For College Students
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Easy Costume Ideas, Especially For College Students

When spending extra cash on a costume is not the move, here are some easy ideas.

Easy Costume Ideas, Especially For College Students

Halloween is around the corner, and you know what that means? PARTIES, COSTUMES, and CANDY!!!!! (my favorite part). Although going to the store and buying a costume sounds like the easy route, it is also the route of looking like everyone else....and who likes to do that?! For those like me, who are on a college student budget, we must improvise and make costumes out of the clothes and our closet. Not everyone has to be a naughty nun, or sexy student, there are other ways to dress the occasion (even a bit more modestly)

1. Blues Clues - One of the cutest dog cartoons ever created! Recreate this look with a blue body suit (or shirt), pants, and blues clues costuome accessories that can be bought online.

2. Code Name Kids Next Door - This was one of the best squads of the early 2000's. Was I the only one who wanted a treehouse after watching this show? The costume concept is easy to follow too - just get a sweatshirt in the color of your character of choice.

3. Catwoman - So this look can go either way; very sexy, or very chic (and sexy). Just get a black body suit (or jumpsuit) , tall boots, and the necessary accessories and BOOM...well meow.

4. Kim Possible - The girl who was facetiming before there was a facetime! Her look is probably one of the easiest and most recognizable to imitate. We all have a black crop top and pair of cargos...well except me, so in that case we know someone with a pair.

5. Wednesday Addams - Petty before Petty was popular! Recreate the look with 2 pigtails, a little black dress, a button down, and a night full of petty-come backs .

SUPER HEADS UP - Although Halloween is fun, especially to dress up for, we must remember that not all costumes are appropriate. If a costume could offend someone, please do not select it. There are historic roots to some costumes being offensive to other people. Halloween is all about having fun in a safe in respectful way, not offending others by "dressing up like them".

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